Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Add something else to the list I don't remember.  

  • The independent prosecutor has now indicted Trump on seven counts in Miami federal court. It's almost hard to wrap your brain around the fact that a former president has been charged. But he earned it. And Fox News can dismiss it all they want, but he's in serious trouble on this one - primarily because he can't keep his mouth shut

    • Just breaking: The case has initially been assigned to Trump-appointee U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon who bent over backwards last year in trying to appoint a "special master" in the documents case. This is quite the immediate plot twist. 

    • While the ultra-MAGA extremists rushed to his defense, Trump wasted no time in trying to make money off his new federal criminal issues. At least the man stays committed to the one thing he worships. 

    • The reaction on social media was crazy but none as crazy as this. I don't speak Insurrection so will someone interpret this from a congressman from Louisiana for me? That's a little disturbing. We live in dangerous times. 

  • And just as the Trump news broke, the guy who allegedly bribed Ken Paxton, and who is at the center of the impeachment scandal, was being booked into jail on federal charges. 

  • We are using floating borders now?

    Hey, look! The $300,000 Man/Abbott Prop was there.
    Don't worry about that drowning part.


  • Now this is one particular incompetency finding which makes perfect since to me. The 43 year old lawyer is from Granbury.

  • Oh good grief.

    • Question: Does a teacher now have an absolute right to post the sign below? Seems so. Why wouldn't he or she? (This issue arose when the last session passed a law requiring schools in general to post similar signs so long as the signs were donated and not paid with public funds.) 
  • The Star-Telegram found out the names behind Ron DeSantis upcoming visit to Fort Worth where it will cost you $3,300 to see him.

    • I thought that last name looked familiar. Flashback

  • "Cracker Barrel has fallen."  This is exhausting. 

  • Legal stuff.
    • General: A capital murder defendant took the stand in his death penalty punishment phase in a case currently going on in Bell County. That's unusual. But this tidbit in the story really got my attention. Marks is the defendant. 

    • Legal Nerdy stuff: There was a sanctions hearing in the ChatGPT created brief case.  I don't think that lawyer Schwartz was qualified to be, uh, a lawyer. Oh, my. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 339 days.