Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It's the 10 year anniversary of this. If you haven't seen the recent Netflix documentary about it, you should.  I, along with everyone else, roasted the guy at the time. Wrongly. 

  • Marjorie Taylor Green, a QAnon supporter who has said that 9/11 was inside job and who regularly appears on Alex Jones' show, is now on the Homeland Security Committee. God help us. This is all part of the deal Kevin McCarthy cut to become speaker.

  • The headline is about all we know.

  • The embattled Clay County Sheriff lives for another day. For now. He filed a motion is disqualify District Judge Jack McGaughey. 

  • I kept seeing the still shots of the kid wandering around apartment complex with a gun, and then I  finally watched the video. Oh, my

    • Dad got arrested over the incident. He denied having a gun, and said he was asleep during the day because he was home "sick." Cops had been about to leave the apartment complex until a lady came out and showed them the Ring camera video on her phone. 

  • Say what?

  • This is about the only thing I can think of which would rile today's students up enough to inspire a 1960s-like administration building takeover.

  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with the new Tarrant County Judge Tim O'Hare. He was objecting to spending $230,000 just for a study to update the commissioner's court streaming technology. "O’Hare was told the county had 245 employees in its IT department, but none has the skills to conduct such a study." You kidding me? 

    • You know how you solve the problem? Tell the IT department to submit a list of 10 links to the best county streaming sites they can find on the Internet. And then go contact those counties' vendors for a bid. And then publicly recognize the IT employees who found the best sites. This ain't rocket science. 
  • Until yesterday, I don't think I've ever seen an ATM being installed. Decatur is getting a new one by its Visitor's Center (the old post office) across from the Messenger's office. 

  • Within the last week, a man who gun downed people in the streets with an AR-15 has had an appearance cancelled in Texas and at The Venetian on the Las Vegas strip. 

  •  Kind of an odd concept. Two acres at Alliance Town Center for a place which calls itself beer-friendly yet somehow kid-friendly. And it will have no TVs.

  • Mark Cuban brow-beat the artist into painting over this mural in Deep Ellum. 

  • TCU is considering hiring Art Briles' son as offensive coordinator. He ran Baylor's offense during the high octane days but, of course, was around during the scandal.  He's currently the OC at Arkansas and, since leaving Baylor, has had the same position at Florida Atlantic (under Lane Kiffin), the University of Houston (under Major Applewhite) and at Florida State. No seemed to care about the hire at those schools. From the Star-Telegram

  • This is an actual text I received from Mrs. LL last week. It was, in fact, Lawrence Taylor. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold