Random Friday Morning Thoughts

That was a post an individual post I made that that day, but I have no idea where I got that photo.

  • I've ranted about the new phenomenon about traffic accidents being turned into crimes by prosecutors, but this is taking accident prosecution and ramping it up to a whole 'nother level. This is dumb. Incredibly dumb. 

    • He'll never be convicted. He shouldn't be convicted. 
    • You know how I know the DA doesn't know what she is doing? Well, she made the following statement during the press announcement about the charges: "Just because it’s an accident doesn’t mean that it’s not criminal.”  Words have meaning. Especially here. If it were truly an in reality an "accident" then it is not a crime. "Accident", by definition, means there was no reckless or other wrongful conduct. Heck, the jury will probably be instructed in writing that that is the law.  No prosecutor worth a dime would ever utter that phrase.

    • Legal nerdy stuff: Everyone, including the DA, has been talking about "recklessness" being the manslaughter standard -- and that's true almost everywhere, including Texas, which goes to the trouble of even defining it. But check out the actual Involuntary Manslaughter statute in New Mexico. Anyone think it gives you fair notice of what conduct is and is not against the law? "Without due caution and circumspection." That's one tricked up law.

  • I was curious about the status of this case.  The shooter, who was questioned and released on the day of the incident, is from Milwaukee of all places and is 25 years old. And I finally saw who the deceased was: 21 year old Gerrod Dorn.

  • The Supreme Court announced in a report that they were not able to identify the leaker of the Dobbs opinion by a "preponderance of the evidence." That is, they couldn't say someone was even probably the leaker.  Noteworthy, is that the report fails to state that the individual justices were asked directly if they were guilty.

  • Amber alert this morning. The three should be conspicuous. "Law enforcement officials said that they believe the girls were abducted and are looking for Jame Burns, 60, [who] is described as 5'2" tall and about 230 lbs."  Edit: That's the grandmother. 

  • A serial liar wants us to trust him.

  • Heck of a headline about a local mayor.

  • Random amphibian. A 5.8 pound toad was discovered yesterday in Australia.

  • Leaning into it this morning.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 199 days.
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