Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I'm not sure what ever happened to this Wise County SO's RV.

  • In a world where everything is filmed, the plane was captured on video seconds before impact, and TMZ claims it has a video of a passenger live-streaming the whole thing.

  • A Wichita County Sheriff's Deputy and a bail bondsman allegedly came up with a plan for an inmate to pay to get out of jail with something other than money.

  • WBAP's Hal Jay is hospitalized at Baylor Scott and White "awaiting a heart transplant." He collapsed at home last Tuesday, but was able to call into the station from his hospital bed this morning for an update. He said, through a cracking voice, "The doctor told me heart is done." (The host of the morning show amazingly took a "break for traffic" in the middle of the call.)
  • Southlake ISD conspicuously fails to mention in MLK, Jr. when it announces the MLK Jr. holiday.

  • A new MLK related statue was unveiled in Boston over the weekend. Many mocked it because they didn't understand its source material.

  • A play in five Acts
    • Act I: Patriot Mobile becomes a weird right wing PAC. Kind of a MyPillow for cell phones.

    • Act II: Patriot Mobile helps a lot of right wingers get elected on local DFW school boards.

    • Act III: Last Friday, the Grapevine PD posts this and cozies up to Patriot Mobile. They get roasted in the comments including a Ticket host chiming in.

    • Act IV: Grapevine PD decides that wasn't a good idea.

    • Act V: Some people asked an obvious question that avoided us all

  • Wise County has added a holiday. Emancipation Day has been an official "state holiday" for decades and became a federal holiday in 2021, but I don't ever remember Wise County recognizing it before.  

  • I-30 and I-20 in Arlington yesterday.

  • "HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One person was killed, and four people were hospitalized after more than 50 shots were fired at a club in northwest Harris County, according to deputies."  How would you like to been a guy who just decided to go get a nice foot massage next door  at "FootRelax" when all that happened?

  • It is a holiday, so let's see another play.
    • Act I: This was a horrible story which I completely missed last week.

    • Act II: The guy's obituary pretends it didn't happen, and even takes it a step further.

    • Act III: A GoFundMe on behalf of the family photoshops the murderer out of the picture and replaces him with a white Jesus.

  • Hey, I posted this picture and a note about that game just last week, and RG3 did the same thing yesterday as he supported Lamar Jackson's decision not to play on a gimp leg.

  • It occurred to me that the NFL was somehow able to turn news of a player almost dying on the field because of the violent nature of its business into a feel-good story.