Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Just six months later, he would plead guilty to a plea bargain of life in prison without parole. The only thing he avoided was the potential death penalty.  Oh, and this was his Facebook masthead at the time of his arrest. 

  • All of the lies of George Santos probably aren't enough for the GOP to kick him out of Congress, but you would think that basically killing a veterans' dog would do it. And if not that, performing in drag shows in itself should be the kiss of death under the current version of the Republican Party.

  • The Google searches of the guy accused of killing his wife in the high-profile Massachusetts case are not good.


  • Oh, my. One neighbor in Allen bumped a neighbor at a pretty good clip and put her on her keister. Quick video here

  • I didn't believe the wording of the headline about that crazy icy crash in February 2021 around Northside Drive on southbound I-35 in Fort Worth . . .

    • . . . so I had to pull up the actual pdf report referenced in the story. It presented a graph of "average speeds" in "one minute intervals." So if only one car passes during the one minute interval, that car will single-handedly own the "average speed." It looks like for a period of two consecutive minutes right after 6:00 a.m. the average speed in one of the lanes was 103. If I had to guess, I would bet it was two cars in the fast lane, moments apart, each running 103, but with both being clocked in two separate "one minute intervals." But it can't be a single car. Otherwise, the chart shows the average speeds in the 75 mph zone were pretty normal.

  • A portion of the First Baptist Church in Stephenville collapsed while some repair work was being done. A couple of workers were injured.

  • The City of Godley has shut down due to the staff at city hall quitting. I thought it was a pretty good size town, but it only has about 1,400 people.  

  • Channel 8 is actually trying to convince you this morning that these two hosts "just happened" to wear the same outfit by accident. Don't buy it. It's a poor viral video attempt.  Video.

  • Unfortunate CBS11 tweet putting the wrong photo with the story. They deleted it almost immediately. 

  • Checking in on Fox News announcing the abrupt resignation of New Zealand's prime minister last night: “Some rare good news. The appalling Prime Minister of New Zealand Jakinda [sic] Ardern, the lady with big teeth who tormented her citizens, has just announced she is leaving office." Video.

  • That's 5% of its work force. Seems significant. 

  • Luka pulled up at the AAC in this. Really.  I may be the only guy which is kind of put off by the guy.

  • TCU did, in fact, hire Art Briles' son as offensive coordinator.