Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It had only been a handful of weeks since the Sandy Hook shooting, but it was this week 10 years ago when I discovered the conspiracy kooks out there. This was a screenshot of videos I found on YouTube way back then. 

  • This is a mess up north: (1) There is a hearing today as to whether the Clay County Sheriff, who is under multiple indictments, should be suspended, (2) The hearing was prompted by the filing of a Petition by "Frank Douthitt, who is a prominent local attorney and former district judge, 97th District Attorney Casey Hall and Clay County Attorney Seth Slagle."

  • This one is kind of weird. They haven't found her yet, but there has already been an arrest.

  • Whatever happened to this?

  • News from the San Antonio airport. This is, uh, unusual. 

  • This isn't a job for CPS. They may legally figure out a way to justify an investigation, but their jurisdiction pretty much stops there. (WFAA report.)  

  • Yesterday I mentioned WBAP's Hal Jay being in the hospital awaiting a heart transplant. Here's a picture posted by one of his colleagues.

  • Fox4Terry was working last night. This was a bad one and shut down I-30 in Mesquite this morning. 

  • And these murders seem a little unusual. It occurred in the very small town of Tow, Texas which sits along the Colorado River northwest of Austin.  It occurred in the middle of the night. Google street view of the location is here

  • I didn't know about this short stretch of roadway with funky street lights in Fort Worth. 

  • I don't know if it's more amazing that he Cowboys won their first playoff game in 30 years or if their kicker missed 4 extra points. It will be more than 30 years until you ever see the latter again.

    • I was trying to do the math of calculating the odds of missing four extra points in a row. Going in, he had a success rate of 94.3%.  So his chance of missing the first extra point was 5.7%.  So, if I remember my Statistics course, the chance of missing four in a row would by 5.7/100 * 5.7/100 * 5.7/100 * 5.7/100.   I think that ultimately gives me "1 in in 55,556" but I am way out of my area and have zero faith in may answer.
  • I encourage you to experiment with ChatGPT, the AI "search engine."  It's almost terrifying. Google how other people have used it, and then have it. It's a weird world that is coming.