Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Was this the beginning of the downfall of society?

  • The Dallas Morning News has a story today on the beginning of home construction on the massive Rolling V Ranch near Rhome which was sold a couple of years ago.

  • Update from yesterday: It did happen. What a time waste.

  • A different story update: The guys were shot and dismembered. Their bodies were also dumped not far from a salvage yard whose owner, after talking to police on Friday, has now gone missing and "considered suicidal."

  • We probably need to retire the phrase "officer involved shooting" and be more blunt about it. Side note: Four officers open fired.  It may all be justified, but you don't see that very often. 

  • What's going on here? "He has held discussions on gun issues . . . , sought to persuade the City Council to issue a proclamation for June to be Diversity Pride Month that he said went beyond the LGBTQ+ communities and made an unsuccessful run for the District 3 seat on the City Council in 2020." First they came for the books and then they came for . . . ?

  • For the life of me I can't find it, but I know I made a bullet point shortly after Trump was elected which said that no one on federal business would be able to stay at his D.C. hotel because he couldn't profit from it while president. How na├»ve was I? It was back at a time when I thought laws for presidents mattered.

  • Speaking of, the scale of the grift, and the gullibility of people, is incredible. 

  • These nominations happened last week, but I think it's amazing that we can go two years before a President gets around to making his picks for U.S. Attorneys.  And Texas has four of them, so one is still officially unfilled. And the one for the Northern District of Texas isn't some earth-shaking move -- it's  Leigha Simonton who apparently has been an Assistant U.S. Attorney in that office since 2005. That couldn't have been done before now?

  • Fox News dedicated an hour last night and turned Hannity into a one hour infomercial for the Herschel Walker campaign.  Amazing. If that guy gets elected, we might as well shut it down. We're all doomed. 

  • And maybe it's already too late. Sometimes when I sit down for a moment and reflect, I absolutely cannot believe this is where we are. Maybe Honey Boo-Boos really did lead us to this. 

  • If you haven't see the hiker fight of the bear, here you go.  I'd be certain that I was dead. 

  • The lady getting a flu shot below reminds me of journalist Cokie Roberts (who I just realized died in 2019) . . .