Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The closest I ever got to be on Fox News

  • Overnight.

  • This ESPN story is making headlines but . . . 

    • . . . this is what got my attention.

  • Update on the raid of the (possibly legal) poker club in Watauga: 
    • Cell phone video shows cops in masks arresting an elderly individual outside. 

    • I completely overlooked that Mayor Arthur L. Miner was there for the grand opening in March.

  • Fun fact: Because of a new Texas law, this year you won't have an opportunity to vote on any candidate who does not have an opponent in the general election.  They have already been declared "elected" -- and that includes local races. There names will appear at the end of the ballot like this: 

  • The beginning of the end for Dak:

  • Everyone got bent out of shape, justifiably so, when a child was seen on video in the audience at drag show in Plano over the weekend. 

    • But it should be noted that it was marketed for 18 and up. What we have is a parenting failure. 

  • Even Oklahoma

  • Texas voting projections per Gov. Abbott yesterday. We'll have over twice as many people vote as in the 2014 mid-terms.

  • That Durham Investigation ("We Are Going To Investigate The Investigators") that Fox News promoted over and over again turned out to be a disaster as the only two spare prosecutions -- where the FBI was the alleged victim, not the crook -- ended 0 for 2 after yesterday. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold