Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Big Tex up in flames on 10/19/12. And Fox 4 actually did this later that day: 

  • That was a wild pop-up thunderstorm at around 4:30 on Saturday afternoon.

  • Double motorcycle accident on FM 2123 near Cottondale on Saturday.

  • The portal to apply for student loan forgiveness is now open. It's easy. I mean very easy.
  • Here's the highlight of the Herschel Walker/Raphael Warnock debate over the weekend: Herschel flashing a fake badge, saying it is real, and being told to put it away by the moderator.

  • What's going on here? From Friday:

  • Russia was hitting Kyiv with drones this morning, and this photo was taken. Amazing. It sounds like these things were manufactured in Iran. And there's video.

  • When did Texas sheriffs get so nutty? But I like how Montague District Judge Jack McGaughey wouldn't issue an arrest warrant for the Clay County Judge (!) simply because this sheriff wanted it, and then McGaughey went one step further and handed over what the paperwork that the sheriff had presented to him once the media asked for it. The sheriff had said there wasn't a copy when the same media had made an Open Records request. Story.

  • Did you know this guy escaped from a jail work crew in Coryell County west of Waco on September 27, and is still on the run? Never fear, the Sheriff has said, they were "going to hunt you like a dog." 

  • This headline was all over the place on Friday. None mentioned that the body of the story revealed that the painting was behind protective glass and wasn't damaged. 

  • I question whether this story out of Watagua is true because (1) I haven't seen it anywhere other than at pokernews.com, (2) I don't know how players could be "fined" on the spot, (3) poker is legal in Texas so long as the house doesn't take a cut. Put the photo looks authentic. Edit: I've already got one faithful reader confirming this story to me. Edit: Now two. 

  • He's gone full Hitler by now threatening Jews to "get their act together" and worship him.  

  • A few years back, "Frack-Master" Chris Faulkner sponsored Mark Davis' podcast. Faulkner was a con man and is now in prison. Now we learn Davis was paid to sponsor the guy on the right who was running a  Ponzi scheme and who now sits in a Texas prison. Davis also starts every radio show off with a prayer. 

  • Radio ads have more con games than any other medium.
  • Somehow a grass fire broke out and destroyed 70 cars parked at a "pumpkin patch" in Temple, Texas over the weekend.

  • From Humble, Texas and caught in Nebraska. Good lord. 

  • Wichita Falls thinks they were robbed against Decatur on Friday. They kind of were. Video of the play.

  • The Big 12 Championship game will feature two of this group: Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State. But I have no idea which two. 
  • My faith in medical examiners, which wasn't great to begin with, isn't helped by this long cover story: