Random Friday Morning Thoughts

It was the great Kountze, Texas cheerleaders Bible verse controversy of 2012. The case went on to the Texas Supreme Court on a procedural issue (mootness and standing) where the cheerleaders won, but after that everyone seems to have lost interest. The last court ruling I can find is just an appellate court referring it back to the trial court for further proceedings. 

  • The greatest 44 days of work as Prime Minister ever.

  • I saw this story out of  Mississippi last week but finally tracked down and watched the video yesterday. It's about a million times worse that I imagined. In fact, it's horrifying. And I don't know how the parents didn't go all vigilante on the daycare workers after they saw it. 

  • A new and respected UT poll for Texas politics was released this morning. Nothing will ever change. Range of error is +/-3.3%
    • Governor:

    • Lt. Governor:

    • And, incredibly, Attorney General:

  • A local headline out of Wichita Falls I saw yesterday which seems to be worthy of more, if not national, attention.

  • A random press release which confused me. I Googled the place to see if it actually was in Bridgeport, and it came back to an address in the strip center by the new Scooter's coffee shop. 

  • A reminder that Runaway Bay is dumping raw sewage into Lake Bridgeport and the city doesn't plan to do anything about it unless others pay for it: 

  • All of this would have been so much easier if DPS would just have come clean about their screw-ups from Uvalde from the start. Story.

  • Steve Bannon is scheduled to be sentenced this morning for defying a subpoena to testify before Congress about the January 6th Trump Insurrection. He was convicted earlier this year.  The Justice Department wants six months. He wants probation. And he was fired up this morning:

  • I'm surprised that #2 is still Southern Baptist. I thought they it was independent. Story.

  • I've long said that school vouchers are nothing more than a ruse to use taxpayer money to fund private religious schools. Now Texas Monthly has a new article on how it would go down, and how it is trying to be implemented behind the scenes. It's money laundering:

  • Legal nerdy stuff that I don't understand which I'm posting because isn't really legal nerdy stuff: This footnote from a civil case decided yesterday by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals in Stedfast Baptist Church v. Fellowship of the Sword, Inc.:

  • I love this image from the NFL game last night. The guy in the background is starting a backflip as he completes his TD via interception. Andy Dalton, who threw it, is in the foreground. Video of the play.

  • Northwest ISD football was committing a crime last night. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 108 days.
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