Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The original Yahoo! story is still up about the incident at Cypress Woods High School near Houston. The coach got fired from the team, but didn't lose her day job. Anyway, while looking up the story, I learned there is now an unrelated HighfalutinHeifer.com website which has some pretty spiffy ladies' country and western wear. I guess it's not an insult to everyone. 

  • Highway 287 at the Wise/Tarrant County line was shutdown for a long time yesterday afternoon in both directions due to an 18 wheeler tanker-truck fire. By the time it was out, nothing of the cab was left but the wheel frame. 

  • Former Decatur coach Kyle Story announced his retirement yesterday.


  • The judge in the Sarah Palin trial had ruled, and announced, that Palin had not proven her case and would dismiss it regardless of what the jury found. The jury, unaware of the judge's ruling, agreed with him yesterday and ruled against Palin. Why the judge announced his now irrelevant ruling is weird. He could have just kept his mouth shut since there was no need at all to announce what he would do if the jury ruled in Palin's favor. 

  • I don't know how I feel about this. 

  • This sure isn't George P. Bush riding a four wheeler, but a new ad by a candidate for Railroad Commissioner brought out the pasties.  Yep. Five second video is here.

  • Liberty Institute, where only government approved ideas is the way we define "liberty." 

  • Inflation isn't just a United States problem. 

  • I watched a little of the Florida shoot-a-guy-in-a-movie-theater case, and it has had a couple of weird moments. 
    • The defense lawyer doesn't know what he is doing. Don't beat up on a disinterested eye-witness. 

    • I mentioned yesterday that the incident occurred eight years ago. Has that been a long time? Look at the very same witness compared to the way he looked eight years ago at a bond reduction hearing and the way he looked yesterday. 
      Eight years ago

  • I thought Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were oblivious to a lot of things that happened in the Super Bowl including that spot of the ball after the third down run down at the end of the game. I don't think he got the first down, but he at least got within six inches -- maybe even closer.

    The spot had it about two feet short

  • I switched over to the UT/OU basketball game last night because I saw it had gone to overtime. I was very confused to hear the PA announcer at the arena count down the shot clock, "Five-four-three . . . " for the players to hear.  But now I know:

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