Random Friday Morning Thoughts

This is a random newspaper image posting from ten years ago. There's two things of note: (1) The past D.A. who imprisoned Michael Morton in Georgetown by withholding evidence was about to have his life turn upside down, and (2) look at those gas prices. 

  • Decatur has hired a football coach from a larger school -- a school where the coach won a state championship in 2017 (beating powerhouse Aledo) and lost in overtime in the championship game last year and ended up 15-1 for the season. In eight seasons, he led his team to to an 88-19 record. That's as big of a splash of a Wise County coaching hire as I can remember. 

    • How did they pull it off? This is a pretty good explanation:

  • The Little Ball of Insurrection is free after spending 60 days in the hoosegow. No word yet on whether she dropped a few pounds as she had hoped.

  • In the Tarrant County D.A.'s race, we now have access to the candidates campaign financial reports for the "30 days before election" deadline, and they have some interesting tidbits. Here are the links to the reports: Mollee Westfall (which includes a $20,000 donation from one Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer) Matt "Book Banning" Krause (who received $25,000 from the West Texas Oil Men Far Right Wing PAC) and Phil Sorrells (a $20,000 donation from a "Call me first, call me last . . . " car dealer, and an insane amount of expenditures)
  • The Olympic games broke a 15 year old girl last night. Engulfed in a doping scandal brought upon her by her overlords, Russian  Kamila Valieva fell and stumbled through a performance last night only to be berated by her coach when she made it off the ice. And the NBC cameras couldn't get enough of it. 

  • Video.

  • This is real

  • The clubhouse at a famous golf course in Michigan burned to the ground yesterday, and the video is pretty dramatic. 

  • This is a wild story out of Midland where all the higher-ups at a Christian School were arrested for not disclosing to law enforcement an alleged sexual assault -- an assault by a student in a locker room during a "hazing incident" in January which included, ugh, a baseball bat.

  • A Wichita County deputy was indicted yesterday on official oppression and civil rights violations for "inappropriately touching a female inmate and sexually harassing her and three others by making unwelcome sexual advances." It was so bad the Sheriff had to have a news conference where he said, "I do not believe this is the end of it."

    • Here's a nerdy legal note: In Wichita County, when they actually have live witnesses testify before a grand jury, they will release the list of witnesses to the public. (That's actually an obscure legal requirement, but it's routinely ignored by almost every D.A. because there is no penalty for ignoring it.)

  • Today in Critical Race Theory history: The City of Memphis, TN use to had "Negro Thursdays" where African-Americans could visit the city zoo. This was in 1959.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 960 days.
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