Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Not the most dignified way to handle the death of Whitney Houston. 

  • If you haven't seen the big plane they brought in to fight the fire in Wise County yesterday, it's pretty cool. Video here, here, and here

  • Fox 4's coverage of the fire was pretty good. Segment here. The shot of the horses and cattle running in a panic was pretty dramatic. 

  • Dateline Wichita Falls - "Just before 3 a.m. police were sent to Club Phinesse in the 2500 block of Sheppard Access Road, for a large disturbance. As they approached, they saw dozens of people running away from the club" because a brawl was breaking out inside. 

  • I don't want to say the Decatur girls vs. Benbrook wasn't a fair fight in their basketball game last night, but it didn't appear to be a fair fight. This photo is real. (Credit: Messenger.) It was 56-4 at halftime, and Benbrook didn't score again. 

  • Decatur head coaching news. 

  • New polling is out.  I'm still stunned that Abbott is crushing all his opponents to such an extent that he will probably even avoid a run off.  I knew he'd win, I just didn't think he would win by that much. 

    • It does my heart good to see Louie Gohmert at the bottom of the AG race. He's not qualified, nor smart enough, to be elected to anything
    • Rising, and now in third place in the AG race, is Eva Guzman. She's a strange political animal who is coming off as a bit of a fraud. She didn't seek re-election to Texas' highest criminal court and then spent all her time on social media ranting about how that court tramples on civil rights -- although she never voiced those opinions while on the court. Now she's done a 180 and her commercials are dominated by the tired old "tough on crime"/"keeping people behind bars" mantras. 

  • I saw a lot of people outraged by this story, but what are the police supposed to do? Just ignore the DNA database hit? 

  • The once edgy New York Post has become your grandfather. 

  • Sarah Palin will lose her defamation case against the New York Times in a kind of weird way. While the jury was deliberating, the judge finally decided that she had not proven the false statements were made with a "reckless disregard for the truth" which is the high standard. So the judge will enter a judgment in favor of the Times. But get this: The judge made that announcement outside the jury's presence, and he will still let them deliberate and return a verdict -- a verdict which he will then ignore. Why? Because Palin will appeal the judge's ruling and, if she wins -- meaning the appellate court says there was enough proof for the jury to get to decide the case -- their will be an actual verdict in place which could then be given full force and effect. 

  • This will kind of make it hard to service debt, right? 

  • If the news gets slow over the next week, this case might pick up some traction. A trial is just beginning over an incident which occurred eight years ago in a movie theater when a then 71 year old retired cop shot a guy in the chest. "Lawyers on both sides of Curtis Reeves’s murder trial agree: It all began with a man who left his phone on in the movie theater." It then escalated into popcorn throwing and then gunfire.  Day two of the trial is live right now on YouTube. 

  • Yesterday, for the first time ever, I locked myself out of my own office from inside my building. After spending some quality time up in the crawl space trying to enter from the ceiling like I was in some type of action movie, I'm proud to announce my office is apparently a fortress. I finally gave up and had to pay a guy $100 to pick the lock.