Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten that Dish bought Blockbuster before its demise. 

  • We had a brouhaha in Clay County on Friday night where a spectator came out the stands at the Petrolia-Seymour  high school basketball game and slugged a player. A student will also be charged. (Video in the link.)

  • Eminem was instructed to not "take a knee" during the half-time performance. Those you expect to be offended were indeed offended.  

  • Let's check in on how the MAGA crowd handled the hip-hop halftime performances in general. 
    • Charlie Kirk:

    • Sean Spicer (to which someone had a retort): 

  • Fun Fact: For the Super Bowl halftime in 1988, they brought out Chubby Checker as an "oldies" act to sing "The Twist." He was 46. Last night, Dr. Dre clocked in at age 56, Snoop at 50, Eminem, at 49, and 50 Cent at 46. 

  • If crypto is money why aren't there commercials for money? 
  • Hot sports opinion: Why is everyone calling that a great game? Cincinnati almost won despite their only touchdown in the second half being a fluke play on a horribly underthrown ball coupled with a non-call of the receiver throwing the defender to the ground by the facemask, and the Rams "game winning drive" was saved by a flurry of penalties near the goal line. 
    "Let me launch you while I have to hit the brakes to go back to get this ball"

  • A play in Three Acts:
    • Act I (two weeks ago):

    • Act II (during last night's game):

    • Act III (after the game):

  • The guy who was on the staff of the California Angels who is being tried by the feds in Fort Worth in connection with the overdose death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs would seem to have some hope

  • Lots of people have pointed out that this inflation news seems to coincide with profit headlines. 

  • As Austin news station does its own investigation into threats in the legal and political community and cracks the case! So who did it? The station published the big story which leads you to this line: " KXAN is not identifying the individual . . . ." Oh, come on. 

  • Democracy is much safer when Cruz is in Cancun. He's trending toward Marjorie Taylor Greene territory. 

  • Someone did a bit. (It turned out to be a couple of teenage girls.)  

  • Below is the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer, but for the life of me I don't understand the "ntucky" that the helmet is obscuring. (It's a USA Today publication which has a bunch of regional newspapers, so I wonder if something got screwed up in the rush.)