Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I missed this one in the archives last week. We had a Kardashian visit Wise County. And two days later, First Lady Michelle Obama got close when she ate at the Olive Garden at Alliance Town Center in north Fort Worth. 

  • Well, I guess we know why the Cowboys PR director suddenly retired a couple of weeks ago: An ESPN bombshell was coming out. And it's a long story.

    • We should have know something was wrong when the Cowboys didn't even acknowledge his retirement on the official team website. He's like family out there. 
    • There are two allegations: The first is that he was hiding in a cheerleaders bathroom/changing room and videotaping four of the cheerleaders in states of undress. 

    • And the wildest part was the other allegation that he was caught on a live "war room feed" during the 2015 draft taking upskirt pictures of Jerry Jones' daughter. (That video isn't public but this video from that draft, at around the 1:40+ mark, seems to get pretty close as to how he could have pulled it off.)

    • This is the guy who witnessed it by watching the live stream an then notified Charlotte. 

  • The shooter, a 20 year old male, and the victim, a 21 year old female, were "former college roommates" but that's about all the information that was released

  • Good luck with all that.

  • It will drop to 34 degrees by noon before we then rebound to a balmy 39 this afternoon. It will bottom out tonight at 27 degrees. 
  • Gov. Abbott has endorsed incumbent Dr. Lynn Stucky to represent Wise County as state representative. (Phil King is our former rep but redrawn lines have taken him elsewhere.)  

  • The attempted book burning, er, banning, continues

    • Note: Those 282 books come from a list compiled by the the originator of this crusade: Mark Krause -- a guy who is running for Tarrant County D.A.   I've said it before: If Krause wins the Republican nomination, the chances of a Democrat becoming D.A. in Tarrant County becomes a real possibility. His opponent will make it the campaign issue that he is The Book Banner. And that is something which will gain traction in moderate Tarrant County.  

  • Five feet? What is this? Top Gun?

  • Ted Cruz continues to sink to new lows. This judicial nominee, Nina Morrison, works for the Innocence Project -- a group dedicated to freeing innocent people! She has been first chair or co-counsel in cases that have freed more than 30 innocent people from prison and death row.

    • And this is part of her her work!

  • This former ESPN reporter suddenly took a hard right turn. 

  • This congressional candidate has had a bad couple of weeks.
    • First this news broke.

    • Then yesterday a law firm he once hired in an employment dispute tried to tap into his campaign funds in an attempt to collect on a $1.2 million judgment for fees he owes it. (I had to go down a rabbit trail to try and figure out how a $70,000 legal bill turned into a $1.2 million judgment in favor of a law firm after a jury trial, so I tracked down the appellate opinion. Spoiler alert: It's way too complicated.) 

  • If you are interested in Congressional races impacting Wise County, we are split in two. One half of the county is stuck with incumbent Ronny Jackson. In the other race, our new incumbent is Dr. Michael Burgess. (All this redistricting makes things complicated.)  Link to the story below: