Random Monday Morning Thoughts

We still talk about this to this day.    

  • Another shooting in high tone Uptown last night. 

  • More and more stories over the weekend about the Trump Insurrection. When I was a kid, I was told that advocating the overthrow of the American government was one of the worst things you could do. Was I lied to?
    • You've got Giuliani, Bannon, and Eastman in a war room.  

    • Of course Giuliani and Eastman took the stage urging the crowd to, "Let's have trial by combat!" 

    • You've got members of Congress involved in the insurrection

    • They named names and they are exactly who you think they would be. 

    • And there is corroboration as the attack was ongoing. 

  • In Kerrville on Saturday:

  • Still don't know if this is going to be a Starbuck or Whataburger on 380 in Bridgeport. I'm guessing a Whataburger. 

  • I don't understand what a real gun with real bullets is doing on a movie set at all. (By the way, the author of Hillbilly Elegy is a despicable human being. For those who don't know, "@jack" is Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.) 

  • I've said it for years: What used to be accidents are now reframed as crimes because of overzealous prosecutors.  (But, no, he will never be charged with anything. Nor should he be.)

  • The Elizabeth Holmes trial is an example of lawyers not realizing times have changed (speed it up, boys!) and proof that juries might not be the best way to resolve complex allegations. 

  • As he was acting like a tourist this weekend, he didn't realize they brought out the DPS gun boats (!!) to protect him. 

  • For Wise County, here all the old vs. new redistricting lines now that the dust has settled.  Anyone can see their new maps, and demographic information for it, by entering your address here (courtesy of the Texas Tribune.)
Texas Senate. (Where we are now joined with Highland Park.)

Texas House representative (Parker County and Phil King are gone)

Congressional rep (For Decatur and Rhome, at least.)

  • I think I've walked out of two movies in my life. One was an art house film at the Angelika, and the other was Dune in 1984.