Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Thoughts on civil forfeiture 10 years ago. (Here's the AP story about the DA in Shelby County that the Feds were after. I don't know what eventually happened.)

  • It was a nice dedication ceremony yesterday naming the courtroom at the new courthouse annex (officially called the "Wise County Court Center ") after the late Judge Melton Cude.  Judge Lowery had a hard time beginning his remarks when he became more emotional. We need more of that in this world. 
  • The Aurora City Council met last night in temporary quarters. (Credit: Messenger's Austin Jackson doing yeoman's work.)

  • I saw this headline a million times yesterday and kept thinking, "He got charged for being kicked by a paramedic?" Side note which is actually the lede: That's one one heck of a still shot from that video in that shocking case.

  • And this headline below was everywhere. What do you expect the DA to say before the investigation is complete? That all charges are off the table?  (But I am interested in the first news conference today. I really want to know if it was a real gun with a real bullet -- that's not entirely clear.)

  • I think it's going to be hard to get a conviction against Kyle Rittenhouse, and the judge isn't going to do the prosecution any favors, but the blurb below is a little misleading. The actual story said that while the judge "advised Rittenhouse’s team against using pejorative terms to describe the three men shot, such language could be used in their closing arguments if evidence shows the men participated in criminal acts." And telling the prosecutors that they can't refer to them as "victims" is a little unusual but not unheard of. 

  • I'm telling you, we are getting closer to book burning parties.

    • His actual letter to the Agency ask them to find any books which "might" cause a student to feel "discomfort." Good lord.

    • Historical reference photo.

  • In a related note but from a completely different source and reason, I don't know why the lady wants her record expunged or why she is getting such widespread support for it. An expungement means it is all wiped away just like it didn't happen. You don't want that. You want people to remember it. 

  • Random Cowboy pics from their Halloween party.
    Dak as a lion tamer.

    Dalton Shultz

  • What are the Aggies up to now? Video. Answer: I have no idea. 

  • I need to put this story in my "Don't Trust Medical Examiners" file. 

  • There were 19 deaths listed in the Update yesterday.
  • Legal nerd stuff: Two Texas criminal laws were struck down as unconstitutional yesterday by intermediate courts of appeals. Here and here if you are interested in that sort of think. (One of them was the same law being used to prosecute Netflix for broadcasting Cuties. Speaking of, whatever happened to that?)
  • Messenger: Above the Fold