Random Friday Morning Thoughts

I actually watched that moment from Game Six from the balcony shown in the picture I took below.  I was in Las Vegas, and a show I had purchased tickets for months in advance was starting precisely at that very second. (Game Six was supposed to be played the night before but had been rained out.)


  • There aren't many details on this story, but it's even more newsworthy because she posted a video of her finding what she thought was a "tracking device" on her car a few days before. 

  • Probably a smart move by the judge. 

  • Oklahoma resumed the use of its death penalty yesterday afternoon.

  • It actual is pretty rare to see a death sentence handed out by a jury in Texas these days, but we had one yesterday. It as a bizarre case out of Smith County where a nurse injected four patients with air causing their deaths. 

  • There's a civil case going on in Virginia against the white supremist organizers of the 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville. You know, the one where there "were very fine people, on both sides." A guy in the courtroom was live-tweeting the trial and fired this off when one of the defendants, who is representing himself, made his opening statement: 

  • Facebook, Inc. changing its name to Meta is not what people think.  Facebook, the site and the app, will remain named as "Facebook." This is just like Google Inc. changing its name to Alphabet but keeping the name of the search engine as Google -- something that most people don't even remember happening in 2015.

  • Because all the Wise County JPs were in some sort of training yesterday, Judge J.D. Clark ran out to the jail yesterday and set bonds for those newly arrested.  Fun fact: Did you know that any mayor has that authority as well?
  • A faithful reader sent me this link to a recent podcast of NPR's Planet Money as to why prescription drugs are advertised on TV. 
  • Here is a cool old pic of the old Rangers ballpark.  That's Six Flags in the background and, I think, a water park named Seven Seas just to the ballpark's upper left. (That's a lot of parking, but how do you get to the lots once you go through the those ticket booths?) 
  • I'm beaten down by all the references to Ted Lasso because I've never seen it. Do that many people have Apple TV?  The last announced number of subscribers is "under 20 million." Netflix, by comparison, has 74 million. (US and Canada numbers.)  Anyway, Mitt Romney was screwing around yesterday posting re-creations, I guess, from the show. 

  • Have I ever mentioned they DPS has enough money to waste on gun boats?

  • Lot of people perked up to my reference to the Candace Montgomery case yesterday. Here is the UPI story announcing the verdict in the case. 
  • Two Trump Insurrectionist wanted their sentencing to be done via Zoom instead of in person. The federal judge did a quick order via a docket entry yesterday evening: 

  • What are the chances for failure on this? It's too small for a music hall (only 1,000 capacity), they had to change the original name because of a "trademark issue", its opening was delayed by three months, and the first two acts cancelled. It's off I-35 in the Design District.

  • In 1933, directories were available which would tell you where Supreme Court justices lived. 

  • Another discovery using genetic genealogy DNA.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 849 days.
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