Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I just went back and watched it. I still think it was wildly inappropriate, but I surprisingly also caught myself laughing this time.     

  • The cold front and accompanying very quick storm will blow through Wise County at 1:15 a.m. 
  • Friday really is the time to dump bad news.  Arlington PD fired the officer who shot and killed the man driving very slowly in a cul-de-sac who they had blocked in, and also released the video of the incident. By Monday, everyone had forgotten about it, including me.   Fox 4 coverage. WFAA coverage. (It's the white vehicle, below.)

  • The stock market hit and all time record high yesterday. Trump used to take all the credit when that happened. 

  • It's a Starbucks going in on 380 in Bridgeport.  Also, Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram tipped me off to this site where you can find out what's going on with basically any commercial building site in Texas. 

  • Ummm???

  • It's just mindboggling numbers. Facebook yesterday evening announced $9.2 billion in net income on $29 billion in revenue -- all in the third quarter alone and all for a company which doesn't produce anything. 

  • Yesterday I saw references to two new cases where a person's identity was established by forensic genetic genealogy/familial DNA -- the locating of relatives through commercial DNA databases who share most, but not all, of the known DNA markers from the unknown person you seek. And then doing good old fashioned police work after that. 
    • This one

    • And this one.

    • I remember this quote from a small town Texas police chief from a Texas Monthly story from a couple of months ago. It is spot on. 

  • Just like what happened with cell phones and flat screen TVs, you are about to see the age of the astronomical explosion of electric cars.

  • Cover-up!!!

  • You know who I think is a very possible wild-card hire? Art Briles' son, Kendal, who is the offensive coordinator at Arkansas. 

  • Someone read this very short story and explain where that $500,000 figure in the headline comes from.  It's completely made up. 

  • Thumbs up to this Netflix documentary. And it has quite the startling ending. 

  • I still monitor the Texas COVID hospitalizations because I'm kind of expecting another Winter Surge, but so far there is no evidence of that happening. Yet.