Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago yesterday, Fox 4 news had a misfire near the end of game six. 

  • Wise County actually hosted a "governor debate" last night between Don Huffines, Allen West, and Chad Prather with Shelley Luther doing the moderating. You can watch everyone try to out-conservative themselves here. They claim they invited Greg Abbott who they said declined. That's probably true. 

  • BagOfNothing is back up. I knew what was going on but certainly wasn't going to say anything. That's a beating for anyone who has been through it. 
  • So we learned it was a live round that killed the cinematographer on the set with Alec Baldwin. (Again, he's home free on this deal.)  But I've got serious questions about Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza. If he thinks he can just gather up 500 rounds of ammo from the "crime scene" and send them to Quantico for "analysis", he's in for a rude awakening.  Those boys will laugh at him for such a generic request (and from his press conference, he was exactly that generic sounding.)

  • In this five second video of a tornado in Orange, Texas yesterday, you can see an ATV go flying through the air. 

  • I didn't have Ted Cruz defending the Nazi Salute on my Bingo card, but he did it yesterday. (I know the point he was trying to make, but that was a dumb move which was guaranteed to become a soundbite. It's the same kind of judgment that led him to take a trip to Cancun.)

  • Texas book ban update: State Rep. Matt Krause's book crusade included a letter providing "a 16-page list of about 850 book titles and asks the districts if they have these books, how many copies they have and how much money they spent on the books."  They included:
    • Life, Death and Sacrifice: Women and Family in the Holocaust 
    • We the Students: Supreme Court Cases For and About Students 
    • Abortion: Opposing Viewpoints 
    • Women's Rights 
    • The Cider House Rules
    • And this one!

  • Idiocy by the city to volunteer pay it. Robbery by the law firm to charge it. Big law firms run some of the greatest scams in America.  

  • Here is the promo which debuted last night where Tucker Carlson appears to have produced an upcoming program that will suggest/urge that The Trump Insurrection on 1/6 was a "false flag." This looks like Alex Jones type stuff. 

  • And another case solved by genetic genealogy.  "In 2019, officers sent one of the infant’s rib bones to a private lab in Texas for forensic analysis. The lab recovered human DNA from the bone and conducted a genealogical profile, which led to Poole and Bynum — a married couple living in the small town of Taylorsville, police said."

  • Rusty Hardin out of Houston is a really good lawyer. But even the greatest lawyers can get their arse handed to them.  He was the lead defense lawyer on this multi-million verdict. (And I've never really thought you can be an expert in both criminal and civil law.) 

  • Lost puppy dog alert.  Edit: Cancel this. They were actually found. 

  • I'll be locked into this just like I was locked into this case when I was a teenager. There's a great book on it called Evidence of Love. You'll like it to if a suburban housewife, a seedy affair, and an axe taken to her lover's wife gets your attention. 

  • Unlike Jerry Jones who is currently making a fortune in oil and gas, real estate, a national concession company, and more, Mark Cuban is just Barnum Bailey trying to associate himself with smoke and mirrors.

  • For the umpteenth year: No one is giving away their weed candy on Halloween. 

  • Waco legal news only because her name got my attention. It seems that her last name is referenced as "Hunting Horse" even though she doesn't use a hyphen. If it's a native American name, it would normally be strung together as Huntinghorse. 

  • For the life of me, I don't understand why there are TV commercials for prescription drugs.