Random Monday Morning Thoughts

There were lots of bullet points about the Mavs winning the championship 10 years ago, but I had forgotten that this famous LeBron quote was made right after that series. 

  • Cops are on the lookout for a man who allegedly shot a Rhome Police Officer in the leg along 287 near FM 407 and then fled on foot.   It looks like this is Facebook page. He grew up in Lubbock and lists Decatur as his current residence.  I'm not seeing any prior Wise County arrests.

    • I suppose he'll be caught today and probably will just give himself up.  You can't stay on the run forever. (Then again, the alleged killer of his two daughters who was finally captured in Haslet escaped authorities for an amazing 12 years.) 
    • Some reports say a female was with him and was arrested. The only female booked into the Wise County Jail overnight was a Tiffany Caswell out of Rhome on an outstanding drug warrant for an alleged probation violation. I don't know if she was with him or not. 
    • Side note: I tried to see if Wood had any arrests out of Lubbock, but you can't access court records without submitting an application and paying a fee -- which is absolutely mind-blowing and backwoods in this day and time. 

  • Gunfire on Sixth Street in Austin over the weekend left 13 injured and this 25 year old University of Michigan graduate dead.

  • Reminder: Texas' permitless handgun carry law will take effect September 1st.
  • Breaking political news: I told you it was weird she just up and quit the Texas Supreme Court last week. 

  • Those are some wild temperatures predicted this week. 104 in Montana? 109 in Sacramento? 119 in Phoenix? 

  • We were back to normalcy on the world stage over the weekend. 

  • Random thought over the weekend about Greg Abbott's border wall: The legislature just passed the Texas budget for the next two years and there's not a single dime in it for a wall.
  • Random thought over so-called Critical Race Theory legislative proposals: Is there a book burning provision in these laws since we are going back in time?
  • This outfit in financial stress actually owns Northeast Mall and Irving Mall. 

  • I didn't know child labor was still a thing. 

  • College baseball quick hits: (1) The Evil Empire advances to the World Series, (2) The Red Raiders got swept, (3) #1 Arkansas was suddenly bounced, (4) DBU and UVA meet today at noon for a deciding game three. (5) In the first DBU/VUA game, DBU won but only after a four hour rain delay where they came back and completed the game in seven minutes. (6) Long Suppressed Evil Empire Sports Cockiness has kicked in:

  • A plane safely landed on highway 287 in Clay County yesterday. He was headed to the Bowie airport.