Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

My memory is a little fuzzy on this and all the links to supporting stories are now dead, but I think the Sheriff's Office got tipped off that a gun safe taken during a burglary had been thrown into Lake Bridgeport off of the bridge in Runaway Bay. And divers found it. 

  • Day Four: On the Run!

  • According to today's Messenger, the very aggressive Decatur School Board is going to consider firing the football coach and AD on Friday morning.  I hinted about this one week ago:

  • And the story in today's Messenger about the school board meeting over in Bridgeport on Monday is wild. The board president quit before the meeting. What's going on over there? Part of the brouhaha is about the number of recent resignations. Reporter Austin Jackson published this list during that meeting: 

  • Private donations for the Wall? (Didn't Steve Bannon rip off donors doing this?)  But this whole PR campaign by Abbott is getting sad. The next thing you know, he will beg Trump to show up for a dog and pony show at the border.

  • Oh.

  • And this tweet yesterday by Abbott is just more con man type of stuff. He might has well have said, "Today I have read the Constitution." (I'm surprised he didn't use all caps.)

  • This darkening of Reunion Tower should become a Texas distress signal. 

  • That time that Sen. John Cornyn tweeted out an article from a conservative satire site in an effort to troll California who was having energy problems. 

  • From the rumor mill: I'm hearing that a recent suicide of a young person in Wise County can be attributed, at least in part, to bullying. 
  • Right now, President Biden and Putin are meeting. Some pre-closed door photos:

    AP Photo
    From Russia state media.

  • Safe to say that afterwards Biden won't announce to the world that he is taking the word of Putin over our Intelligence Agencies as was done in Helsinki in 2018. What a bizarre day that was. (And, unlike Helsinki, there will be official notetakers from both sides present during the meeting.)

  • Louisiana just reduced the penalty for possession of a personal amount of marijuana to a maximum fine on $100. Jail time is no longer part of the penalty.
  • For something I thought for most of my life was unique to Texas, Juneteenth is about to become a federal holiday. 

  • Real name. Real school announcement. The comments were what you would expect. 

  • The UIL announced yesterday that it will continue to allow Internet broadcasting of high school football games -- something that they allowed for the first time ever during last season.  This announcement comes about 20 years too late. 
  • Texas Motor Speedway fun fact: When it opened in 1996, the stands held 160,000. In 2013, facing declining attendance,  they removed the stands from the back stretch. Now they are removing more seats (and will widened the space for each remaining seat from 18" to 22") to lower the capacity to 75,000.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold