Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

And I was sent a photo (below) within 24 hours. But I'm not sure I've heard much of Ned since then. I hope he wasn't in the fire at Aurora City Hall a couple of weeks ago.

  • Day 5: Still on the run!

  • But you won't be getting alerts on your phone any longer.

  • Not related but relevant: They found him after three hours.

  • The potential for the Decatur School Board to actually fire Athletic Director and Head Football Coach  Mike Fuller seems really bizarre. But I'm hearing the current head count on the vote would be 3-3 which means the school board president would cast the deciding vote.  From the buzz I heard yesterday, this whole fiasco is turning an unexpected spotlight on the Board.
    • Fuller's football team has made the playoffs seven straight years including a deep run all the way to the state semi-finals just three years ago. That was one win away from the championship game. Most schools can only dream of that. 
    • The school board just renewed his contract less than three months ago by a unanimous vote. What exactly has changed since then? Has Fuller done anything to breach his side of the agreement? 
    • A firing would cost lots of taxpayer money (money which, by the way, was collected from your outrageous property tax bill which we complain about all the time), and the reason for that taxpayer expense would be what? 
    • A meeting is scheduled for Friday morning. The Messenger recently railed against the abuse of "executive session" as a tool to hide from the voters. Those voters have a reason to know what has prompted the hastily called meeting and who is spearheading it. And why.
  • The House yesterday approved Juneteenth as a national holiday by a vote of 415-14. Yes, 14 representatives actually voted against it. One of them belongs to Wise County.  Yep, our own Ronny Jackson. You may remember him:

  • Greg Abbott held a press conference on his Wall project yesterday, but was instead asked about the ERCOT warnings we've received.  His answer was less than truthful. 

  • Despite the WFAA headline, this law is window dressing only. It has no teeth. There is no "offense" or penalty in the new statute for turning off a bodycam. 

  • The NFL has issued guidelines for those players who don't want to get the COVID vaccine. You think they are encouraging vaccinations? 

  • The Athletic ran a story rocking the Mavericks, Mark Cuban immediately called the story "total" BS (as he hid behind the protection of a tweet), and one day later their long time general manager is told to his the road. Don't worry, though. There will be a new episode of Shark Tank.

  • There are still big Supreme Court opinions to come, and time on this term is running out. More will be released in 30 minutes.  The SCOTUSblog twitter feed is what I monitor since it is almost instantaneous with an accurate summary of what is released.