Random Friday Morning Thoughts

These were two photos I posted from this week in 2011. The top one was an uncomfortable photo from the Maverick's parade after their championship win. The bottom was from the Toronto newspaper of the crazy rioting after a hockey series loss. 

  • Day 6: The Man on the Run remains free.  This has turned into Wise County's version of The Fugitive.  (And I've had Wings' Band on the Run stuck in my head all week.)

  • The Decatur School Board's meeting to discuss the future of Head Coach/AD Mike Fuller just got interesting. I've heard that Fuller, through his attorney, has made a formal request that any discussion about him occur in a public forum. He has that right. And an assertion of that right prevents the school board from discussing him behind closed doors in executive session.  Texas Government Code 551.074(b). 
    • Side note: There is not a single reference to this morning's school board meeting in today's Messenger. I don't understand that. 
    • This, as has been represented to me, is a Facebook exchange between a taxpayer and the school board president. This would have taken place before Fuller's request for a public session. Click to enlarge.

    • Is the Board meeting broadcast live on the school's Facebook page?
  • The Supreme Court let Obamacare stand as it threw out a lawsuit filed by Ken Paxton which had originated in Fort Worth.  How much did that silliness cost the taxpayers of Texas?
    • The Court dismissed the case because of lack of standing. Personal admission: I've never understood the doctrine of standing no matter how hard I have tried.  I can read the court made rule, I can read the case, but  I don't know what it means. Trust me, I'm not alone. 

  • Of course, there's video.

  • Greg Abbott signed the Permitless Carry bill yesterday, but why was the head of the NRA, who has led the organization into bankruptcy amidst charges of waste and corruption, sitting at the table? 

  • Here is your bi-annual reminder that Gov. Abbott doesn't need to sign any of the bills passed by the legislature. They become law unless he vetoes them.
  • Mark Cuban, who believes he is the Smartest Man in the Room, now finds himself not only without a general manager but also without a head coach. It's a dumpster fire. Ironically, the billionaire is now figuratively owned by a 22 year old player, and he will do anything that player tells him to do. And even then, odds are that the player will leave Cuban high and dry in a couple of years after things don't work out. 

  • Overstate. Understate. Whatever. 

  • This is one of the "Kraken lawsuits" which failed to overturn the presidential election because there was no proof. Now there is a Motion for Sanctions hearing scheduled against the lawyers which recklessly and unethically brought it. This order from the presiding federal judge is not a good sign for them. 

  • I always like old Texas photographs, and this one got my attention yesterday. That's Highway 287 on the way to Amarillo in 1940 just outside of Quanah. 

  • She's asking to Defund the Police, right?  Rep. Matt Gaetz is a co-sponsor

  • Oh, I don't know, does this sound like a pyramid scheme?  "Members were told that if they’d put in $1,400 . . .  and recruited two members, they would receive a 'blessing' eight times their initial contribution — $11,200 (later upped to $11,400) — when they wanted to 'bless out,' or leave."

  • We are surrounded by con men and nut cases. They are all around you. 
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 714 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold