Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I stumbled across this bit of forgotten history 10 years ago. Worth re-issuing.  "An Air Force C-119  en route from Sheppard AFB, TX  to Carswell AFB, TX  collided in midair with a C-124C Globemaster II. The Globemaster was on a flight from Kelly AFB, TX  to Tinker AFB, OK."

  • Day 3 and still on the run!

    • I'm not sure why law enforcement is being tight lipped about the name of the officer that was shot in the leg and who will recover just fine. I'm hearing it it was Rex Richie. 
    • Fox 4 had a report where they obtained home security footage which actually picked up the audio of the gunshots. I heard around 10 pops. 

    • That same footage even picked up the gunman running moments later. 

    • WFAA had this: "The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Wood, who lives in Azle, previously served prison time for robbery and burglary of a habitation. The Lubbock County District Clerk's office confirmed those convictions, stemming from incidents in 2012. He began a 10-year sentence in 2014, however served only half of it, and was released in 2019."
    • WFAA also said "they" found meth "in" his motorcycle. Fox 4 had photo of that motorcycle after the guy fled.

    • WFAA said a "non-profit in Tarrant County had previously helped" the guy -- whatever that means -- and had this video of him. (That's him in the flag shirt.)

    • Side note: Rhome PD definitely needs a new building. 

  • The Messenger's Austin Jackson did a good job covering the Bridgeport School Board meeting last night. His coverage is here. It was a large crowd which included some firing off of some hot opinions towards the superintendent.  And in a split vote, the Board followed Decatur's lead of requiring Board approval before the superintendent can make any new hires during the summer.
    That's a huge crowd for a June school board meeting.
  • ERCOT issued a "Conservation Alert" yesterday and told us to keep our homes warm and not run dishwashers and other large appliances in order to avoid rolling blackouts. Uh, it's June. In Texas. 

    • Flashback: Words for our governor from one week ago. (Abbott's gonna mess around and get himself beat if he's not careful.) 

    • Flashback: Ted Cruz got into a Twitter fight with a dirty Lib from California last year and told him the only reason you can't run the A/C during the summer is because of a "dysfunctional state government."

    • Don't worry about keeping the electricity on. We've got Critical Race Theory and Permitless Carry taken care of, and they'll have a special session to make sure the very pressing issue of transgendered kids involved in sports are covered.
  •  Amazing: We learned that the craziest member of Congress just found out about the horrors of the Holocaust after visiting the museum in D.C.   (Oddly, when she actually visited Auschwitz as a teenager it apparently didn't make much of an impression on her.)

  • After my mention of Jeterville the other day, a faithful reader sent me this picture of a coozie they own. 

  • Why is anyone surprised that Mark Cuban would hire a prominent NBA gambler to play a key role in the Mavs organization in another failed attempt to try to prove to himself he's the smartest guy in the room. I'll say it again: He's got a lot of Trump con man in him.
  • I don't know anything about this college football recruit, but I'd be wary of any kid who decommits from OU and tweets out this graphic with, oddly, a "horns down" to announce it. (I'm guessing he used that photo when he first committed to OU and for some reason decided to re-issue it.)
  • Here's a wild one to end on: As crazy as it sounds, someone emailed me about a body allegedly being found in the old Bilby's Marina in the Twin Hills area of Lake Bridgeport. Email me or DM me if you know anything.