Random Wednesday Morning Thought

  • The Dallas Murder County went up last night after a killing in Pleasant Grove. (I think this is #91 for the year.)   A separate drive by shooting in Oak Cliff and a shooting into a car just caused injuries. 
  • My continuing bit of "Are there too many cops" also needs to be supplemented with "Are there two many lawyers?" Yesterday I learned there are 91,244 active lawyers in Texas. 
  • One of those folks who goes to government buildings to try and draw government employees offsides (you know, by just walking into a police station and start filming to see if they'll get pissed off) tried it at a Tarrant County "Facilities Management" office but found it empty. No one was there, however, but they had forgotten to lock the door when they went home.  But she decided to sit down and do a little comedy by pulling up her youtube channel on a government computer (which also hadn't been locked down).  In an over-the-top government crackdown, she was later arrested for the felony on an overly broad computer hacking law. 
  • Hey, I just looked at her website and found she posted a video four days ago about her visit to Rhome PD. (After watching it, I don't feel so bad that Tarrant County is picking on her. That's a bad bit she's got going.)
  • A couple in Southlake is alleged to new have stolen a woman's purse while she was shopping and then purchase $18,000 in gift cards in less than an hour. (How do you pull that off?) I'm normally not a fan of cops doing comedy, but Southlake has a pretty funny twitter thread in order to try and capture the two. 
  • We've got an new Wise County speed record case for 2019. (It was a DPS stop in Precinct 1) :
  • How they heck have we forgotten about this case?: "A South Carolina father accused of brutally slaying his five children then driving their bodies around for more than a week was found guilty of murder on Tuesday. Timothy Jones Jr., 37, was found guilty on five counts of murder for killing his children, who ranged in age from 1 to 8, inside their Lexington mobile home on August 28, 2014, before burying them in Alabama a week later."
  • The murder-for-hire trial involving a dentist and Uptown was broadcast live by Fox 4 on their website yesterday. That got me thinking.  There's is no reason why every court shouldn't have a live feed running at all times. The cost would be next to nothing these days.
  • Trump, during an important state visit to our most important ally and in the middle of the night, finally took the dramatic step of calling out Putin and Kim Jong Un.  Oops. I got that wrong. It was someone else:
  • Emails now reveal who was behind the Lets-Purge-Some-Voters-In-Texas-With-Hispanic-Surnames-With-A-Hoax-Voter-Fraud-Scandal: Gov. Greg Abbott. (You may recall that the Secretary of State took the fall last month once he the legislature didn't confirm him after the fiasco. Where is he now? Abbott just hired him to work in the Governor's office at a salary of $205,000. There is no greater swamp than than the Abbott/Patrick/Paxton/Sid Miller crowd.)
    Photo Credit: The great AP photographer Eric Gay.
  • If you haven't seen the helicopter rescue video, you have to
  • Messenger: Above the Fold