Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That may not be the best RTG above, but that has to be the most interesting skyline ever. With doing no research, I'm guessing it's Dubai or somewhere in Qatar or some such?  And that one building in the middle under construction appears to be leaning to our right. 
  • Yes.
    And do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder in Paris?
  • I mentioned the other day about the deputy city manager out of Wichita Falls who had his trash searched by cops who then raided his house looking for weed. He was fired from his $180,000 a year job after  31 years. How much marijuana did the find? "[A]n inventory of seized items filed with the 78th District Court did not specify the amount of marijuana investigators found when they served the search warrant." Translation: They weren't proud of what they found. It wouldn't surprise me if it is a misdemeanor amount.  Story.
  • I'm no business genius, but when the Shell station in Decatur by James Wood's is selling gas at $2.59 and the new QuikTrip has it priced at $2.12, I think I know which one will win. 
  • For one to be a personal campaign account and one to be a government account, there are a lot of similarities between these two posts three minutes apart yesterday. (But there are a million ways how you could explain that a taxpayer paid PR person did not create the campaign post on taxpayer time.)

  • Heck, former Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett was always blatantly posting on his personal account during government work hours and no one cared. Trump even made him a federal judge. 
  • Some group has created a text based search engine of past tax returns of non-profit organizations. I found NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's $34 million salary from 2014 here. (Yep, the NFL was non-profit until the last couple of years when they changed it so people can't find their salaries.)
  • We've come a long way from the report being a "complete and total exoneration." 
  • Alabama's Roy Moore's lawyer has been arrested for DUI and weed. And he has a pretty intimidating mug shot in a I-Might-Do-Something-Crazy-At-Any-Moment/Full Metal Jacket kind of way. 
  • Fourteen minutes after the D-Day remembrance ceremony was to begin, Trump decided to give an interview with Fox News where, with crosses in the background,  he decided it would be a good time to call Robert Mueller a "fool." Mueller has a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart Medal.
  • The length of time from the end of Civil War to D-Day is roughly equivalent to the length of time from D-Day until now. (Four years off).   And that's today's fun fact. 
  • Hot World War II opinion: Hitler would have won but for the Russians. (That's probably more of a common knowledge opinion.) Dead Russian soldiers: Over 20 million. Dead American soldiers: 405,000
  • Fox 4's Good Day this morning. It's a hot female Caucasian traffic light.
  • A sheikh who wants to be president of Iraq, and who wants the U.S. to strike Iran, has paid to stay twenty-six nights in a suite in Trump's Emoluments International Hotel.
  • I'll put her close to the top of my Evil Women List. Quick loading interview.

  • Want to see a Russian destroyer taunt a U.S.S. cruiser in the Philippine Sea within the last 24 hours?