Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This was a headline from four days ago. Since that time they've had three shot and one  killed at a car wash, a body found in White Rock lake, and a guy shot dead in his car in downtown Dallas last night. 
  • Happy 30th anniversary to the guy in this photo which has been hanging on my office wall for more than half of that time. 
  • I can almost forgive this teacher for not knowing how private messaging works. I can't forgive her for being so dumb that she thought she expected to have a personal private conversation with Trump online.
  • Baylor isn't telling the truth in an era when they especially need to tell the truth. That "Final Four" win and "College World Series" win ain't right. 
  • It's been a rough UK trip for Trump. Baby Trump is back along with new projections on the Tower of London and Madame Tussaud's:

  • And what's up with that tux?
  • This year's Dave Campbell's Texas Football is out. High expectations for Texas is the best Texas:
  • The Fort Worth SWAT team shot and killed a man holding a flashlight on Saturday. I've had questions about their SWAT team ever since I noticed that  they show up at every evading arrest scene like its a war zone.
  • I saw a couple of stories this morning out of Houston that the "Zone d'Erotica in Galleria area to be replaced with restaurant." That reminded me of the Dallas Morning News story last year which had this disturbing tidbit about a business with the same name: "On July 10, an undercover Dallas Police Department officer visited Zone d’Erotica, according to another affidavit. The officer said he approached the sales counter at the store and asked the employee if he could rent a porn video and watch it there . . . . .While speaking with the employee, the officer said he was approached by a male customer who was with a young female. The man offered the female to the officer and said she would accompany the officer in one of the private rooms and perform any sex act for $50, according to the affidavit." Now that's trafficking.
  • A murder case out of Bridgeport starts today in Wise County. I don't think there will be any surprises. (Here's the original report in the Messenger and the follow-up.)