Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm really torn about the criminal prosecution of the deputy at Parkland who didn't enter the building to stop the school shooter. Fire him. Take his commission. Humiliate him. But we are really getting out there when a bunch of guys in suits want to put a cop in a cage because they second guess his bravery. 
  • I don't know why I think is sounds so cool when I hear a college football player has "entered the Transfer Portal."
  • Nerdy stuff: After I read this about a federal appellate opinion that came down yesterday, I wanted to know about the judge who bizarrely authored it. Guess what? A Trump appointed judge who was confirmed 49-46.
  • I'm always stunned by how those who complain of courts filled with "liberal activist judges" who "don't interpret the constitution but re-write the constitution" are actually full of judges which, for all my life, have whittled away at the Fourth Amendment to such an extent that there isn't much left. Judge Lee Ann Daughinot out of Fort Worth, now retired, once referred to it as the Salami Theory: "You may slice the salami often, but if you slice it thin each time, no one notices until the salami is mostly or entirely gone." See Williams v. State, 172 S.W.3d 730, 738 (Tex. App.-Fort Worth 2005, pet. ref'd)(J. Dauphinot, dissenting).
  • Random weird memory: I've never forgotten when I a friend told me, "I don't think Ferris Bueller had that much fun on his day off." It's always made me contemplate the definition of "fun" and whether he was right or not. 
  • I didn't know about the website which tracks posts of police officers who make racists post on social media. 
  • I had no idea about this either. It makes sense.
    (Cue Cartman's "No kitty! That's my pot pie!")
  • If a draft dodging Democratic president ever so much as stepped foot at Normandy, Fox News would condemn him every day for the next six months. Even moreso if he minimized this anniversary with a hashtag.
  • Getting reports that some moron ran over a huge turtle in Decatur. That could have been avoided. It's not like he darted out in front of them. 
  • Bad Fox Graphics has a great bit of monitoring how the producers react when Sean Hannity puts on his reading glasses. Those guys have strict orders to not show Hannity and cut to graphics or other guests. Every now and then they screw up. Here's an example.
  • I can't wait to find out who it is. I hope it's a Civil-War-Was-Really-About-State's-Rights lawyer who can't come up with the money.
  • The Star-Telegram might want to put the note that the couple is from Fort Worth either in the headline or the lede. (It didn't show up until paragraph 11.)