Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Since it has already left the news cycle, you might have missed that 12 people were shot dead on Friday in Virginia. The Onion now runs this headline every time there is a mass shooting. This is at least the eighth time.
  • "Wichita Falls - Deputy City Manager, Jim Dockery, resigns after a search warrant issued for his home resulted in authorities finding marijuana."  In my continuing series of "Are there too many police?", they ran a search warrant on the guy after picking up and searching his trash on four separate occasions looking for weed.  They finally found  "a clear plastic bag containing what later tested positive as marijuana." But, wait. You know how we know he's a drug kingpin? "They also discovered an empty bottle of Clear Eyes Redness Relief."
  • I replaced one of these bad boys this weekend and might be making a run for Wise County Electrician of the Year. (By her lack of being impressed, Mrs. LL apparently will just give me the Meh Award.)
  • The Family Unit are big fans of the College Softball World Series and it is basically on the entire this weekend this time of year. And one thing I've learned that is a no-brainer: In double elimination, you don't want to lose that first game. (Otherwise, you've got to win four straight in two days to get to the finals.)
  • Trump landed in England this morning. This is what he did moments before he touched down.  
  • A ball bounced off a speaker at the Tampa Bay/Yankees game on Friday night and an outfielder caught it off the deflection. I had no idea the ball was considered in play. That's an out.
  • His capacity to lie knows no bounds. It is literally on tape. Everyone was mocking his campaign on Saturday for trying to deny it.  Always remember 1984: "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."
  • A nerdy patent researcher found this. It's from an actually issued patent. 
  • This picture that was floating around online over the weekend. He scared of something?
  • I like softball strategy because its a bit different than baseball. For example, in the Katy/Keller high school semis, Katy won (1-0) because of a double steal with runners on first and third with two outs. Do you throw it to second there? If the runner going to second hits the brakes, like she did, you're doomed. And they were. Quick video of the play -- screenshot below.  (Side softball note: Anna, who beat Decatur, lost their championship game 12-0.)
  • A guy with a man bun rushed a stage over the weekend and grabbed Kamala Harris' mic. He wasn't arrested and this is him after the incident. Video.  (He's some animal loving dirty lib.)
  • This seems next to impossible.
  • Here is, once again, your reminder that a bill becomes law in Texas without the governor's signature, and every time he brags about his signature it is just for show. (And Abbott actually said in this video that "It is now law." That's a lie. It become law on September 1st.)
  • One thing you never see: A GM Hummer on the road.