Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a heck of a storm that went through Dallas yesterday afternoon, but we also learned that every local television station is ill-prepared to cover any major local news on a Sunday afternoon when they only have a skeleton crew.  I'm not sure Fox 4 had a producer on a staff. Here's a tip: When a massive crane falls on an apartment complex, show shots of the damage.

  • And there was amazing footage on Twitter immediately after it happened. Since I'm the hardest working man in news, here's a compilation:
    • Panes of glass from a skyscraper under construction crashed into an existing high rise.
    • Great footage of the velocity of the wind taken from inside a building in Addison.
    • Video of the crane collapsing in the distance
    • People scrambling to get off a boat ramp on Lake Grapevine.
    • Billboard crashing on car. (With a bad narrator.)
    • Photo of windows broken out in Fountain Place in downtown.
  • There was a hiker in Fort Worth who got lost in Arkansas but was found late Friday. When I see a story written like this, I wonder if the reporter is trying to say something without saying it. Can text but can't make calls. Most hikers lost in the area are found quickly. Roommate set up a GoFundMe account.
  • There was a Lamborghini wreck in Dallas over the weekend where the driver was killed. Speaking of GoFundMe, his family already has over $100,000.
  • Southlake Carroll's baseball team won a state title with a 17-0 victory this weekend. But the other team had, uh, issues.
  • The City of Dallas will settle the Exxxotica lawsuit which started a few years back when the City denied them use of the convention center.   Do you know which simple country lawyer from Decatur said that the legal position of the City of Dallas was on "shaky ground" way back in 2015 when all this began? This guy. My free legal advice would have saved Dallas not only the $650,000 settlement but also legal fees which had already reached $675,000 way back in 2017
  • Eric and Don Jr., who took a side trip to Ireland last week at your expense so daddy could look at his hotel, went on a "pub crawl' and ordered a round of drinks for everyone at one bar. They left without paying. But the owner said she was OK because "I don’t think we’ve to worry about getting paid for that." She doesn't know the Trumps.
  • Fort Worth police shot and killed a guy last night. This is in addition to the fatal shooting on June 1st by the SWAT team and a June 5th shooting where a cop fired at a guy but didn't hit anyone.
  • Tech won the men's NCAA Men's Track Championship this weekend and punched their ticket to the World Series. This is after playing in the NCAA Basketball Championship a couple of months back. (And I note a way-too-early death of a woman from Runaway Bay who has "Guns Up" in her obituary.)
  • Guess which world "leader" signed this D-Day Proclamation at the top?
  • The Texas Tribune has a story on the abuses of civil forfeitures by DA offices across the state. Here is the way the Texas County and District Attorney's Association read it: 

  • Trump continues to let us know he's not mentally well: 
    "of which the Moon is a part"

    Less than one month ago
  • More proof of instability as he was watching Fox News on Saturday afternoon. He misspelled basketball and referenced the wrong Rick Barry.
  • A former NFL player is on trial and this is the note the jury sent out on Friday. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold