Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Here's a followup to Texas banning smoking for people under 21.  We join these conservative states:
  • Johnny Armstrong was found guilty of murder yesterday in Wise County. (I told you there would be no surprises.) You know what his first criminal charge ever was? Possession of tobacco in 1998. (Cause no. JP4-12052) Spin that anyway you want. 
  • I learned this yesterday: You'll need a federal government imposed gold star on your driver's license in order to commercially fly after October 1, 2020.  Obviously this is the beginning of the Mark of the Beast or something like it. 
  • Stooges in Texas in 1936. I didn't think they were big until around 1950, but I was wrong. 
  • Legal stuff: Do you think there would be a judge who thought he could revoke someone's probation by just calling the probation officer up to the bench, not swearing her in, allowing her to say the defendant failed drugs tests (with no proof that the statement is true), and not letting the defendant's attorney to cross-examine her or allowing the defendant to present any evidence at all? Well, one judge in Bexar County saw nothing wrong with that procedure: Judge Wayne A. Christian. Yesterday, the San Antonio appellate court, with complete agreement from the State, slapped him down. (But not hard enough.)
    "Do I look like a judge who doesn't understand Law For Dummies 101?"
  • This is the lawyer who bought the Robert E. Lee statue from Dallas for $1.4 million. He is real estate attorney who graduated from LSU law school in 1973. (It's not clear if he bought it for himself or for some third person.)
  • The town of Waskom, Texas, population 2,200,  became the first municipality in Texas to ban abortion by city ordinance. This gives rise to two questions -- one interesting and one simple. The interesting one: May cities legally zone out abortion clinics? The simple one: Does the Waskom City Council look like you would expect them to?

  • A current judge of the Texas Supreme Court running for re-election had a campaign event at lunch yesterday in Houston and posed with a placard of all the law firms and lawyers, many with current and future cases headed to his court, who were sponsoring the event (and him).  This isn't new or shocking. It's just proof we have a broken system. 

  • If he said these things in a grainy video with low quality audio, he'd be impeached in a week. 
  • Whales.
  • This is the International Space Station passing in between Earth and the Sun (in a rapid fire time lapse photo since it took a fraction of a second for the Space Station to pass).  Side note: In that moment, if you were to travel to the Sun, you would pass the Space Station when you reached mile 250 of your 93,000,000 mile journey. 
  • "Sources tell me the 'working theory' is that Jaquavion Slaton shot himself around the same time officers fatally shot him." - Fox 4's Brandon Todd on the man who was shot by police in Fort Worth earlier this week.