Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • A UFC fighter is the first to file a lawsuit over the crane accident in Dallas. Was a loved one killed? Was she permanently disabled? Will she never be able to fight again? Did her dog die? Nope. She cut her foot and has some property damage. She wants $1 million. 
  • I spent a couple of years in the Tarrant County DA's office back in the day. Another new hire (slightly after me) and I were sitting around talking one day, and he told me that his sister was the victim in the Central Park Jogger case. I was stunned. I don't remember his name, and I don't think he stayed with the office very long. I don't even know if he was telling the truth. (This would have been around 1992, and I'm not sure the victim had even been publicly identified yet so I couldn't even verify it.)
  • Prediction: This DFW lawyer, former cop, and sometimes Fox 4 commentator is going to run for office. (He announced he was going to run for Dallas County Sheriff a couple of years back then suddenly backed out.) He's now becoming visible as the PR person for DeSoto PD, and has suddenly taken on a very hard line "law and order" persona. This is a very bizarre tweet from a defense lawyer about the recent police shooting in Forth Worth when the body cams haven't been released. (And putting "activists" in quotes becomes perilously close to being interpreted as "those people.") The whole thing is very Trumpian.

  • When did monster rectangular (not circular) hay bales become a thing?  As a hay hauler from the mean fields of Wise County from way back, I notice things like this.
    Exclusive photo of Wise County hay field. 
  • Gov. Abbott is just killing it these days with his signature.
  • Call of the dogs. Run out the clock. And don't celebrate if you do score. 
  • Mute? I'm not sure I've ever seen a press release like this.
  • Kevin Durant just blew out his Achilles days before becoming a free agent.  You feel sorry for him? Don't. If he was healthy, he was going to get either 5 years and $220 million from his current team, the Warriors, or 4 years and $160 million from some other team. It was going to be his choice. But now he's hurt. Will he get those offers? It really doesn't matter. They'll be there next year: He doesn't have to declare as a free agent since he has a player option for one more year with the Warriors and, if exercised, he gets $31.5 million simply rehab and then can become a free agent. 
  • Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered 25 years ago today.
  • The lost Fort Worth hiker I wrote about yesterday has a cover story in the Star-Telegram today. "McClatchy, 38, has not publicly described the experience. He was not ready to be interviewed, his family said." That's him front and center below.
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