Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey, look what the guy who Trump called as "dumb as a rock" bought. It's 16,000-square-foot home was listed for sale at $8.5 million. 
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be gone. I'll miss her because I knew she would lie which made her consistent. The only acceptable replacements are . . . 
    The Mooch
    Constitutional scholars Diamond and Silk
  • That was then. This is now. 

  • Well, the legislature let the requirement that all plumbers be licensed lapse so Gov. Abbott took Trump's playbook and used an executive order to keep it alive.  Right wingers are mad:
  • Sheriff Joe. Birthdays. Death during childbirth. And a rattlesnake reference. Lots to unpack here.
  • How much does it cost to remove a tree? I had one die and paid around $600 to have a couple of guys chop it up, grind the stump, and haul it off. Maybe I got a deal because they were already in the neighborhood cutting one down. Anyway, because of the tree damage in Dallas, that topic of cost has come up on the radio.  I've heard several people say to cut down this radio host's tree and remove it would cost in the thousands. 
  • Watch Jordan Speith call out his caddy yesterday."Two perfect shots, Michael. You got me one in the water and one over the green."   Speith is a media and DFW darling, but I've always thought he was a brat putting on an act. 
  • The Fort-Worth-hiker-lost-in-Arkansas guy gave an interview to WFAA. From the story: On Monday, June 3, there was the sound of hope. "I heard people call my name: 'Josh! Joshua!''' he said. "That type of thing. So, of course, I yelled back. The next thing I heard the rescuer say, ‘Where the hell is he?’” I don't think he explained how he was not found at that point. And I don't think WFAA asked about the GoFundMe page which raised $11,256.
  • Conservative icon George Will is on a book tour. 
  • In what might be the most protracted litigation in Wise County history, I present Joseph Palazzolo vs. Fort Worth Independent School District -- a whistle blower suit by a former assistant principal at Arlington Heights High School. It all began when he was fired in 2010. In 2016, a Wise County jury (don't ask how it ended up here) awarded him $2.4 million in damages but that verdict was reversed in 2016, and the case was sent back to Decatur. Because of the screwy rules involving the government and this type of lawsuit, the school can appeal pre-trial rulings. They did so again last year. Yesterday, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals said the lawsuit can continue in Wise County. Opinion is here. (Footnote no.1 basically says, "This is such a cluster of a lawsuit.") For lawyers: Do you think the ISD's lawyers billed for a Reply Brief that was denied as untimely to which the lawyers agreed because of an "internal calendaring mistake"?