Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I didn't need to start my day by seeing this on my TV from WFAA.
  • The Messenger is making changes. They are doing away with the free All-Around Wise which was published mid-week and going to two regular paid weekly papers. They are running a special for $15 a year for both weekly issues which you can subscribe to by going here (see page 14.) Online subscribing is not currently available. (This is not a paid ad, but I've stolen so much from them over the years I feel guilty.)
    (The first headline could have been worded better)
  • The kid is probably just doing a bit to get a rise out of everyone, but if the school bans anything selectively based upon certain content, I'll support her. (I've seen different reports about the school's policy. ) 
Naive Person (Left)
  • We will all be reminded today of who the character of the person who sits in the Oval Office (when he shows up for work.) 
  • And Cohen will even produce an installment check Trump wrote to him while President to reimburse him for paying off Stormy Daniels. Here's a timeline and the check:

  • This Congressman possibly broke federal law yesterday with this intimidation. He has since "apologized" and deleted it. (And it's a weird strategy to defend Trump by calling out someone's supposed sexual and marital infidelity.)
  • I mentioned I was reading a book on Texas history, and I'm at a point which coincides with the anniversary of the Alamo siege.  Even a book which tries to put Texas in its best light makes it clear that our sanitized version of  what led up to "The Alamo", as well as the defense of it, is not what most believe.
  • I don't really follow Decatur basketball that much, but they may end up in Austin for the state tournament if they keep it up. They crushed Burkburnett 79-42 in the playoffs last night. 
  • There was a murder on Twitter this morning by John McCain's daughter. (And how a guy who faked bone spurs to avoid Vietnam can send out that tweet is mind-boggling.) 
  • Dallas Cowboy (now free agent) David Irving has probably violated the NFL's drug policy again. 
    "Who me?"
  • A club in Wichita Falls is being sued for not paying licensing fees for the music they play. "The average cost to bars or restaurants is less than $2 per day for the right to play unlimited music at their establishments, according to [the Plaintiff's] news release."
  • I had a conversation yesterday with a Baylor lawyer about having to recite Rule 279 in law school. That means nothing to 99.9% of you. To the 0.1%, it is still the subject of nightmares. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold. (Links above.)