Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The DFW media was in Wise County yesterday for a hearing on whether the kids from the Kids-In-Cages story will remain in CPS custody for now. The obvious answer occurred: Yes. But a couple of cameramen got to film the top of the courthouse. 
  • The Texas Open Meetings law was struck down as unconstitutionally vague yesterday. Here it is: 
  • A faithful reader corrected me by noting the Texas high school basketball finals are now in San Antonio and not Austin. The Liberally Lean staff regrets yesterday's error. 
  • Buddy, you care way too much about a professional football team from 25 years ago:
  • Trump and Rocket Man's nuclear talks abruptly broke down and Trump left early. #TheArtOfTheDeal
  •  But before he left, Trump gave Kim a complete pass on the death of Otto Warmbier. Why? Because Kim said he he had nothing to do with it. (Reminds you of Trump saying he believed Putin when he said there was no Russian tampering, and the Saudi Prince over the murder of the journalist.)

  • There's a former Baylor football player on trial for sexual assault in Waco, and I'm not sure how it is going to turn out because it seems to have some proof problems. But a reporter, who is following the case, tweeted the following yesterday which got my attention. It was the first day of trial. Listen, judge, if you've got something better to do while a guy is on trial for his life, go do it and let someone who cares take your place.
  • Michael Cohen delivered high entertainment yesterday. But Fox News looked less than interested based upon the detail given to their graphics.
  • The hearing had moments of drama when it felt like it was right out of The Godfather 2 and low points when Republican Congressman were printing off tweets from third parties that were made during the hearing and asking, and being allowed, to place them into the record. 
  • I take it back, the low point came when Rep. Mark Meadows trotted out a black Trump employee as a prop to combat claims of Trump racism. (Meadows once proved he himself was color blind by saying that "2012 is the time we are going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is!"))
    "I'd like to mark this black person as Exhibit A."
  • To show how insane it got, Rep. Ayanna Pressley fired back: "Would you agree that someone could deny rental units to African-Americans, lead the birther movement, refer to the diaspora as 'shithole countries,' refer to white supremacists as 'fine people,' have a black friend, and still be racist?" (Video.)
  • I'm tripling down on my Kyler Murray NFL prediction: There is no way I'd take him with a first round pick. I don't know if I'd take him with a second round pick. (I'm not saying that won't happen. I'm saying it's a mistake if it does.)
  • Our 22 pound cat is down to a svelte 18 pounds. (That's one of our dumb dogs beside it. And he's not a puppy. He's a good sized dog. )
  • I present to you the greatest country song in the history of ever. Parked By The Lake.