Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dak Prescott's dog bit someone which has made the news. Oddly, within the last 24 hours both Fox 4 and WBAP have aired viewer/listener complaints of, "This wouldn't be news if it wasn't the Cowboys quarterback!" First, who gets so bent out of shape to even make that complaint? Secondly, both news organizations had an odd reply (Steve Eagar from Fox 4 and Steve Lamb from WBAP) by saying "Of course, we would!" Uh, no, you wouldn't. You might do a story about a dog mauling but not a dog bite which has to happen every single day in the metroplex.
  • I was over at the Denton County courthouse yesterday going through security when some cute county employee comes down to pick up a Jimmy John's order. It was high comedy when the Jimmy John's guy asks her to sign for the order, and the courthouse employee asks, "Does anyone have a pen?" At that moment, at least three Denton County deputies raced to produce a pen for her to use -- all holding their pen out for her choice. She then did the cute-girl-laugh.
  • Some of the Waco Biker cases are now in the hands of special prosecutors. Three more of those cases were dismissed yesterday. "The prosecutor called the way the McLennan County District Attorney's Office handled the 2015 deadly shootout a 'harebrained scheme' that was 'patently offensive' to him."  I've just always called him, "The Dumbest DA In The State."  That whole cluster will be a documentary one of these days. 
  • Well I guess, like land, "they ain't making any more of it." ("But why at gun shows?" I ask rhetorically.)
  • Overestimate is one word. 
  • It's hard to figure out where this Administration comes down on "when life begins" these days. It can't possibly be different based upon nationality or skin color, right?
  • Lady Gaga was on MTV's Boiling Point in 2005.
  • I'll never understand Robert Kraft walking into a "spa" for 14 minutes in Jupiter, FL on the morning of the AFC Championship game in Kansas City later that day. There's so much going on there. 
    Literally later that day.
  • There's another "Does Roundup cause cancer" case (it doesn't) going on in federal court in California. The Plaintiff's lawyer is in big trouble when the judge issues an order immediately after opening statements are delivered. (I've got a lawyer buddy in Abilene with the last name of Wagstaff, and I prayed it was him. It wasn't.)
  • A former Bridgeport High graduate is now a head football coach in Tyler. 
  • From the Wall Street Journal this morning. That "documents" thing got my attention. 
  • Little Rocket Man is in Vietnam to meet with Trump. Get this: He traveled 2,485 miles by train
  • BagOfNothing got a ticket for parking slightly on his own grass in his alley! He violated City Ordinance 15-134b! I can understand an HOA violation, but to have the government make the conduct illegal is amazing. I have no idea what the constitutional standard is -- perhaps the "takings clause" when the regs are so onerous that your property loses value? -- but this seems very heavy handed. I know the government regulates things like chickens in your backyard. And it can prevent you from putting up billboards on private land you own by a highway so long as the ban is not content based. It's not an area I dabble in.