Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL somehow got hooked into a marathon of Dirty Jobs. I've got to admit, that guy is funny.
  • This case was in the newspaper in Mineral Wells, the Dallas Morning News, and Star-Telegram where it was implied that possibly Palo Pinto authorities released a murder suspect on a PR bond because they didn't want to pay for his surgery. Once it went national, the story wasn't quite as nuanced. 
  • A nude wedding in Wise County made it to a photo in the New York Times. (Credit: Faithful reader, Joe.)

  • The Tarrant County DA is mad that the Tarrant County Purchasing Agent wants all purchases by the DA's office to go through him. So mad that she has requested an Attorney General's opinion.
  • This Denton County DA didn't like the way a story was reported by the Record-Chronicle when a woman was sentenced to probation for theft of $345,000. (Side note: The Denton County DA's twitter account normally looks like it is controlled by a teenage girl since it is generally consumed with "getting follows" and nothing else.)

  • The interesting and/or odd murder case against the designer of the Schlitterbahn ride in Kansas was dismissed. But the dismissal was for a very odd reason: Inadmissible evidence was presented to the grand jury. (I've never heard of a dismissal based on those reasons.)
  • Bob Sturm of The Ticket said that  "most" people, meaning greater than 50%, who call themselves "Cowboy fans" could not name three defensive players on the team.  I think he's right. 
  • Last Saturday was the 25th anniversary of the announcement that Baylor, UT, Tech, and aTm were joining the Big 8 Conference. Twenty-five years ago. (aTm, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska would eventually bail.)
  • Trump wants to hijack the 4th of July in D.C. for a political rally. Nixon tried that as well and it did not go well.
    "Your favorite President." He's a man-child.
  • Should we call this "socialism", welfare, or just drug test farmers and complain about it?
  • The current origin of "Fake News" referred to truly fake stories on the Internet (not simply negative press based upon facts.) A perfect example is the current mass of fake reports that Kamala Harris is the aunt of Jussie Smollett. It's shocking how people believe that and promote it.
  • Trees always bloom right around March 10th. That's in a couple of weeks -- we had no winter. 
  • Spike Lee won an Oscar last night for Best Adapted Screenplay for BlacKkKlansman, and referred to the next presidential election by saying, “Let’s all be on the right side of history. Make the moral choice between love versus hate.” Trump was not happy.
  • And we all know Trump isn't a racist (despite saying there being "fine people" on "both sides" in Charlottesville.) He even proved it this weekend by tweeting a picture of the token African-Americans from Fox News.  (If you aren't familiar with the fine work of Diamond and Silk, here's a recent example.)
  • There was confusing news about two Apple stores closing in Frisco and Plano but opening one in the Galleria in Dallas. A smart person figured out why: It is based upon a Supreme Court ruling in 2017 regarding patent venue. By moving just a few miles, they will be out of the Eastern District of Texas -  a patent infringement happy jurisdiction. 
  • That's a bunch of cocaine that seized at a port of entry. I thought that stuff was just on the backs of people crossing the Rio Grande?
  • There was a kayaking death on Lake Ray Hubbard on Saturday. Being pretty much an expert kayaker myself, you would have to have been out of your mind to take one out in those winds.