Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Shawn Oakman was found not guilty yesterday of sexual assault by a jury in Waco. (I told you there were proof problems. It started off badly with the government's medical witnesses contradicting the alleged victim.  The case got muddy in a hurry once it was learned they left a bar together and she was admittedly drunk causing memory issues.)  This is the case that led to the floodgates opening down at Baylor.
  • Side note about the case: Visiting Judge Michael Snipes out of Dallas had one priority based upon trial reports: To make sure he (the judge) wasn't inconvenienced. The trial had a feel of lets-give-him-a-quick-trial-so-we-can-convict-him.  (And I can't get a handle on his background. He's a "retired" district judge but just last year he was a prosecutor in the Dallas D.A.'s office.)
  • I learned this week up at the courthouse about Momo trying to kill our kids . I was sucked in just like the people who told me about it had been sucked in. The Alantic has the story of how this happens and how stories like that routinely catch fire. It's basically the quick creation of modern day urban legends. If you don't want to read it, Saturday Night Live had a skit parodying the phenomenon a few years back.   
  • Edit: Watch that Saturday Night Live skit and then watch this 37 second clip from CPAC this morning! It's a shockingly perfect example. 
  • The "Illegals Are Voting! The Illegals Are Voting!" scam that Texas officials tried to pull off is over. A federal judge even killed the Secretary of State's attempt to have local voter officials contact the people on "The List" and plainly said "there is no widespread voter fraud." And yesterday Gov. Abbott blamed the head of DPS for the whole fiasco. 
  • Uh, Jussie Smollett wrote a check.
  • Samantha Gannon is joining Mike Doocey on the pretty funny "Free For All" show on at 10:30 on Fox 4. She better be witty, or this won't work. 
  • And Another (Denton Guyer High)
    Yep, same person.
  • I cannot possibly approve of Baylor fans mocking UT with a picture of Rick Barnes during their basketball game this week . The Evil Empire fired him, but he is now having extreme success at the University of Tennessee.
    That's a quality bit!
  • Johnny Football's wife cheated at a half-marathon, and the work Deadspin put into the story is admirable. 
  • Last night the government of Texas executed a 70 year old for a crime that he committed three decades ago. He didn't seem to be all there.
  • Trump is on a Russian Collusion rant and Michael Cohen rant this morning. He's had enough self-inflicted wounds this week so I'll leave him alone.