Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I went to Denton yesterday and there were four Denton County Sheriff's office SUVs running traffic at the Wise County/Denton County border. What a waste. Assuming you accept that a sheriff's office should be involved in traffic enforcement (I don't), that divided strip of 380 in rural Denton County is probably the safest in that county. Think about I-35 or the eastern side of 380 which is notorious for wrecks. 
  • The layoffs at the Dallas Morning News are disturbing. When I first discovered the Internet in 1996, I told a friend, Lisa, that one day "we would all have our own online TV stations." I was a little off the mark about the delivery mechanism, but the vision is becoming deadly accurate. I fear a day when we will live in a society where we are overwhelmed by disinformation with the reliable sources of credible information no longer existing. From there, the masses just accept what they want to believe. It is becoming an America, as Kellyanne Conway accidentally admitted, of "alternative facts." And the government will have the biggest bullhorn with no one to fact check them.
  • Speaking of . . . 
  • Again, speaking of, Martina has a message . . .  
  • And all of that leads to this: Tonight, from the Oval Office, Trump will lobby for The Wall. And once you get by the past lie of "Mexico is going to pay for it",  he will deliberately lie to you again and tell you there is suddenly a "crisis" at the border. There is not. It is propaganda. It is misinformation. He had two years with a Republican controlled House and Senate and there was no sense of urgency. 
  • I rarely look at Facebook, but it was called to my attention that a Wise Count "rant" page went off on the service that you get in the local DPS driver's license office. 
  • In what was the worst attempted fake field goal in college football history last night, Alabama decided to have the holder run the ball right up the middle against this formation with the kicker leading the way. And it was 4th and 6.
  • There was a fake Internet story that went around years ago about Mark Cuban buying a mega-yacht, but this one, regarding Jerry Jones, comes from Business Insider.  (A credible outlet of information.)
  • As I continue to watch Ken Burns Vietnam, I was stunned last night to learn of then presidential candidate Nixon colluding with South Vietnam to pull out of the peace talks with the North days before the election. (If the public thought there was no end in sight for the war, the more likely a switch from a Democrat to a Republican president.)  That was 100% treason. LBJ knew it. The FBI knew it. The CIA knew it. But they decided to not disclose it. Nixon won by a razor thin margin with 43.4% of the vote over Humphrey who garnered 42.7%. (George Wallace got 13.5%.)
  • Lady goes crazy at JetBlue counter.
  • Per the Update: Murder in Decatur. Edit. There is a guy on Facebook who has the same name as the suspect who lists Decatur as his resident who has this as the first available post. I don't know if it is him. 
  • Wait a second, as Americans struggle with stagnant wages, who is "flush with cash" . . . ?