Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • With the Cowboys playing the Rams this weekend in the playoffs, past playoff games between the two teams have been revisited. Some QBs weren't always as great as we thought: In 1976, the Cowboys lost with Roger Staubach going 15 of 37 for only 150 yards with no TDs and three interceptions. 
  • The NBA is offering front row seats via virtual reality for $6.99 for a handful of games this season.  The technology apparently works like a charm. Will one day teams be playing in empty arenas but making just as much (or far more) money by selling virtual reality tickets?
  • Does this sound like a man who would throw a temper tantrum?
    That's right! No slamming!
  • I mentioned this on Monday and then this showed up on my timeline yesterday. (This whole story just came to light in 2016 so I don't feel so dumb now of just finding out about it.)
  • Pretty close call for those houses in Aubrey.
  • "A Waco man was placed on deferred probation and ordered to make restitution Wednesday for trying to bilk a cheating husband out at least $17,250 by threatening to release a video showing him having sex with a stripper." There's a lot going on there. 
    My investigation reveals this is the club where she worked.
  • Two men, utilizing Grindr, allegedly kidnapped, assaulted, robbed and beat at least nine men in Dallas because of their sexual orientation and . The indictment this week caught my attention because of a word I wasn't familiar with. For a second I thought I had been mispronouncing it "finagle" all these years. (Both are words and both mean basically the same thing.) 
  • The pastor in Fort Worth, who praised God about the mass shooting in the Orlando gay club, but had to resign because he hooked up with strippers while smoking weed, has issued a video statement. He says it all happened in a "casino" in Jacksonville. Google casinos in Jacksonville. That alone is enough to question his judgment. 

  • Dear Mrs. LL: Feel free to divorce me and marry this man. According to Texas law, you'll just owe me $1 billion once you say your vows. (Trust me on this -- no need to consult with anyone. I'll send you wire instructions.)
  • Is all this press about Bird Box a little weird to you? Reviews put it as nothing more than an above average movie, but we are inundated with references to it. 
  • When three Texas politicians have a press gathering on the governor's lawn and the family dog "just happens" to get loose and make an appearance in front of the cameras so they can lovingly shower it with attention. (If you don't think that was staged, you are very naive.)
  • He is detached from reality:
  • There is going to be some huge news regarding a Texas high school football player today according to this guy of Dave Campbell's Texas Football. He normally is just breaking news left and right this time of year about coaching changes. It won't be about college recruiting because he doesn't cover that. I can't imagine what it could be for him to promote it like this.