Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I heard Mark Cuban is do a radio commercial for some Low T center yesterday. How spare is that? I'd rather make the news because I bought a yacht.
  • Trump was pretty calm last night as he read off a teleprompter. Prediction: He won't like the reviews of him being "subdued" and a Twitter rant is forthcoming. That is, unless he is getting bored with the whole thing. 
  • The optics of the Democratic response weren't any better. 
    "Your mother and I want to talk to you about flag addiction."
  • Overheard in the DA's office from one out-of-town lawyer to another: "Are you one of the prosecutors or are you on the court appointed list?"  He seemed to have a good grasp of the landscape. (And, trust me, those people are everywhere in the courthouse come docket day.)
  • Also overheard from a different out of town lawyer to another: "If you plea the felony, they'll probably just dismiss the misdemeanor." It was all I could do to keep from saying, "You're new around here, aren't you?"
  • My award-winning rant yesterday of how we are developing into a society where we just believe what we want to believe and discard anything we don't like as "fake news" prompted one faithful reader to direct my attention to this book which pretty much sets forth that point.
  • Kliff Klingsbury as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals? I don't know if it will work or not, but that's one weird promotion after being fired by Tech. (Side note: I'm not sure Baylor's coach doesn't get named as head coach of the Jets in the next two days.)
  • This was from a random story in the Morning News yesterday about a tech company in Fort Worth being sold. Look at what they do. (And there's no way that technology is being limited just for that. We are all being watched and tracked.)
  • Trump in 1999:
  • I haven't mentioned the disturbing story of the comatose patient giving birth in the health care facility in Arizona, but a development yesterday also got my attention. A judge has ordered every male worker in the facility to give a DNA sample. That's flat out a 4th Amendment violation. The judge issues a search warrant because he thinks there is probable cause to believe that every male worker possesses evidence of a crime? (And, no, you don't get to search someone to exclude them as a suspect. That would be like a search warrant being issued for every home in Wise County because a TV was just stolen from Walmart.)
  • Trump and his associates have the dumbest lawyers. Yesterday, the lawyers for former campaign manager and felon Paul Manafort couldn't properly redact a pleading they filed which accidentally revealed that he is accused of conspiring with Russia. That's a big story.
  • Random smart guy stuff: Bridgeport's own Chance Pierce, a running back at Abilene Christian, has been named to the All Academic Southland Conference first team. (He has a 3.40 in Kinesiology.) Oddly, he played on the defensive line in high school. 
  • Is he OK this morning? 
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