Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Yes, this caused my head to explode on Friday night:
  • I wasn't familiar with Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth but he became quite the sensation over the last week. He first caught some attention after the Orlando mass shooting by saying this on video: “These 50 Sodomites were all perverts and pedophiles and they are the scum of the earth, and the earth is a little bit better place now, and I’ll even take it a little further. I heard on the news today that there are still several dozen of these queers in ICU, and I will pray that God will finish the job that that man started.” Good grief. Well, he resigned last week after “grievous sins” were discovered involving being with prostitutes, using marijuana and gambling. (Star-Telegram story, with video, here.)
  • As little as five years ago, Mountain Ceder would knock me down. Now, despite Mrs. LL having multiple sneezing fits yesterday, I'm not impacted at all. Weird.
  • Saw someone suggest The Muppets should host the Oscars. I'd be all in. (Even put the two grumpy old men in the balcony to mock everyone.)
  • Another freeway shooting in Dallas this morning. (People are crazy.)
  • I'm not sure how much Fox pays for the rights to the NFL, but you would think the league would at least be able to refer viewers to the network at the start of a playoff game.
  • Pretty good chance he was in the stands at Jerry World (or at least in the Party Pass area.)
  • In case you missed it, here are people running when the stadium doors opened in order to get the best "standing" area for the party pass. (Someone referred to it as the "Running of the Poors.")
  • Not messing around:
  • In had no idea that a nation of taxpayers were completely oblivious as to how our marginal tax rate works. (If you don't, she wants to tax every dollar you earn over $10,000,000 at 70%. The horror!)
  • The only thing giving Fox News one ounce of credibility is Chris Wallace. Yesterday, he called out Sarah Sanders for lying about the "border crisis" with numbers that simply weren't true. No, Sarah, there are not 4,000 known or suspected terrorists who have been caught trying to cross the Mexican border. The number, according to the State Department, is zero. It's airports you are talking about. 
  • Things that I had no idea even happened:
  • The government remains shut down because Trump can't get taxpayer money for The Wall after he promised you that Mexico was going to pay for it.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.