Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I understand any newspaper being behind a paywall (the industry's failure to embrace that concept from the beginning might have been their undoing), but if it is, it cannot have tech failures like this which could be fixed in five minutes. 
  • A Houston lawyer screws up a $2,000 purchase for tickets to Hamilton on Ticketmaster.com so he sues them for a refund. (Looking at his website, I'm more stunned that a two man firm has four "paralegals" and one "law clerk".) 
  • I've heard crazier things:
  • Sports (and Baylor has a 1-11 season factored in there):
  • We learned where Trump found a big word yesterday.
    A Fox News reporter. (Note the time.)

  • Yahoo has some lifestyle advice for us all this morning. (Extreme side note: Are tapas a thing?)
  • The fact that the Tarrant County Republican Party took two hours to decide whether to kick out a member for simply being a Muslim (a trauma surgeon, no less) tells you all you need to know about that Tarrant County. Republican Party. And the vote was 139 to 49! Yep, 49! Here's one of the nutcases mocking Muslims last night:
  • In Kansas, the family of murder victims are footing the bill for their own lawyers to help the state prosecutors. That gives rise to a ton of issues -- especially ethical ones.
  • We had a directed verdict in district court in Decatur this week. (The defendant ended up pleading to a misdemeanor once the felony went away.) I think the last time that happened in Decatur was when I was a prosecutor. 
  • I don't know why I was looking at briefs filed in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals yesterday, but I saw both parties in a civil case say the right to a jury trial in a Texas county court-at-law was guaranteed by Article III Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. It is a right, but that section dealing with federal courts ain't it.  Once again, both parties didn't know this simple fact.
  • Trump showed up at the border yesterday on his Failed Wall Tour '19, but this guy won the day:
  • Also quality humor: 
  • Before he left for McAllen, Trump proclaimed that he never said Mexico would pay for the wall. It literally was on his campaign site that Mexico would make a one time payment of $5 to $10 billion dollars. He lies to his base time and time again. #WhereAreThePesos
  • The half-Asian and self-proclaimed Vietnam expert BagOfNothing guy  has called me out on my Nixon/Treason/Vietnam revelation. It looks like he's been on it for two years. (Another side note: I may spend the rest of the day flying over his house in a Huey yelling "Get some! Get some!") 
  • We will get more on this bizarre story later today . . .