Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a concerning opinion piece in the New York Times this weekend from the author of the famous book on Enron (which led to a documentary.) She compared the current fracking boom in the Permian Basin to the mortgage crisis and the dot com bubble.
  • Trump attacked his AG for indicting two crooked Republican Congressman because it hurts their re-election chances. Who cares about crime, right? Let's just win elections! (This is not normal.)
  • Our senior senator is now doing decades old humor: 
  • And our governor did a weird bit of attempted humor yesterday as well:
  • I posted the video yesterday, but here's a photo of the moment a guy caught a punt for a TD.
  • That might be the only Labor Day parade west of the Mississippi. Looks like a party  . . . 
  • We've got the Kavanaugh hearing this morning prior to his (inevitable) confirmation for the Supreme Court. This picture was just moments ago before he takes his seat. Semi-circle of senators. Photographers are situated in front of his Kavanaugh's chair for now. Reporters in the back at tables (who you never see). Three rows of chairs for those people who will end up in the background of  any TV shots of the witness (and I always want to know their stories as to how they were selected to be there in hearings like these.)
  • Edit. The hearing has started off with a bang. Here and here
  • Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the face of Nike's new ad campaign. People immediately started "owing the libs" by destroying/disgarding Nike apparel they had already bought. 
  • Tucker was very, very upset about the Nike decision. 
  • This Youtube video is of a DPS in a chase near San Antonio. (It looks like this occurred in February with the video recently released.) Both fire.
  • The official SBN account of TCU used the term "tuddy" for "touchdown" on Saturday causing the official SBN Baylor account to respond.
  • I know nothing about the National Museum of Brazil in Rio, but the images during and after the fire have been sickening . . .