Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • My weather team has been locked in the basement all night monitoring the situation: If there's any severe ice, it's over the next three hours. From there, they think were safe. Even for tomorrow.
  • BEVO going after Georgia's mascot pre-game was high entertainment. Hear are a couple of good looks at it here and here.
  • That was a big win for the Evil Empire. I really thought Georgia would crush them. I suppose Georgia was still "down" after losing to Alabama and not making the Final Four, but that analysis is easy to make once the game is played. 
  • New Republican Senator Mitt Romney comes out swinging:
  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had some not-so-happy new year's headlines yesterday. (And this doesn't include the story of the bullet coming through the roof during a church service -- although that was one pristine bullet.)
  • I would have thought people would be just a little offended of cops clowning on a wrecked and burnt donut truck, but they weren't. 
  • In one morning over the holidays, I got my oil change, car inspected, hair cut, and bought and spread top soil. Other than that, I did nothing for a couple of weeks. 
  • Most large DA's office, when a new DA is sworn in, also have every assistant DA and investigator show up to be sworn in as well. Dallas did that yesterday morning, January 1st. That would be a beating. 
  • I don't think he's familiar with the woman with two coins (and that doesn't surprise me one bit.)
  • Uh . . .