Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The most entertaining part of the Clemson/Notre Dame game was the eagle landing on at least two people during pre-game. 
  • Jerry's sleeve length is as bad as Trump's tie lengths. (Trump could fix his problem without a tailor, though.)
  • The Alabama/OU game wasn't much to watch because Alabama, all of them, came willing to play through the pain.  (Oh, and with the win, Nick Saban's earnings so far this year have reached $9,025,000.  The players still get nothing.)
  • There's a case on appeal which involves Wise County which is moving as fast as I've ever seen. A Notice of Appeal was filed on November 20th and both sides had their briefs filed by December 30th. And it's complicated. (I know of at least one criminal case on appeal in Wise County where the defendant hasn't even filed his brief yet and it's been almost a year.)
  • It's plain weird that the University of Houston fired Major Applewhite after just two seasons --two seasons that weren't that bad.  (Baylor was the last Texas DI school to pull the trigger so quickly when it canned Dave Roberts in 1998.) Some think that West Virginia's coach will take the job. Noteworthy: His buy out goes from $2.5 million to $1 million tomorrow.
  • That "Masked Singer" show looks dumb. Just dumb. 
  • Trump is still crying about the dumb Wall, and the government shut down continues. Democrats have an easy retort if they were smart enough to do it: "You promised Mexico would pay for it." Just say that again and again.
  • Coulter is harder on Trump than I am -- just from the opposite direction:
  • So do I . . .
  • The man's got two pretty strong points here:
  • How in the world did State Farm decide it was worth millions to pay an ad agency to come up with that goofy Aaron Rodgers and his two agents campaign? 
  • Delkus has already gone into cartoon mode for Wednesday: 
  • Seriously, look at this "forecast" that he is making. With the "and/or" stuck in there he is predicting rain -OR- sleet -OR- freezing rain -OR- rain and sleet -OR- rain and freezing rain     -OR- sleet and freezing rain -OR- all three. Then he qualifies all of that with "not much snow." 
  • I don't know anything about the federal district judge in Tarrant County who struck down Obamacare (other than he was behind me when we were both at the Tarrant County DA's office), but he put his decision on hold yesterday. Oddly, he used this language: "[B]ecause everyday Americans would otherwise face great uncertainty . . . . " What exactly is the difference between an "American" and an "everyday American"? 
  • Take a couple of minutes and read this thread. It's well worth the chuckle.
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