Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Look, I don't care about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but the "shocking" video of her released yesterday by an alleged crazy Q group conspirator of her dancing in high school might be the biggest backfire of all time. (The Q account has since been deleted but you can watch the video here.)
  • The winner of the AOC video "scandal" is the person who created this video of her dance footage intertwined with the group dancing in The Breakfast Club. And this remark also was a crowd pleaser:
  • Well I would hope so.
  • Not only is this a picture of a bunch of guys staring at a sink hole in Fort Worth, it's a bunch of guys standing way too close to a sink hole in Fort Worth.
  • One of the most thought provoking shows I watched over the holidays was The Push premised on whether a person can be persuaded in about an hour to kill someone. It's not as crazy as it sounds. 
  • Trump made a surprise appearance in the Press Room yesterday afternoon but took no questions as he continues to rant about The Wall. Apparently, the dress code was skin-head semi-formal.
  • He seems to be stable this morning: 
  • He should have just waited to tweet out fairly good job numbers that were just released. (And, as President, he always knows what those numbers are going to be the night before.)
  • Southwest founder Herb Kelleher has died. He was truly the first time I realized on a large scale that employees didn't always hate their bosses and visa-versa.
  • This is fairly mind boggling: The organizational chart of the Dallas DA's office. 
  • "Plans are underway for a Wisconsin company to build a $300 million indoor water park and hotel complex near Grapevine Mills mall." Considering they already have a water park at the Gaylord Texan and Great Wolf, the market up there seems a little "saturated."
  • Quite the odd third story below. (Side note: The grand jury which was empaneled turned around and manage to indict 49 people on the same day.)