Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Delkus warned you of 1" to 3" of snow this morning. I told you yesterday, without qualification, that we would be in the clear. This isn't hard. 
  • Odd trio of 76 year old deaths yesterday: Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne/Marty Funkhouser), the Captain of the Captain and Tennille, and WWE's broadcaster "Mean" Gene Okerlund (who I might have watched twice in my life.)
  • A couple of years back I mentioned some great Captain and Tennille trivia: Muskrat Love, perhaps one of the worst songs of all time, was a cover of the song performed by the band America who covered it from someone else. 
  • Speaking of bad, I caught the last seven minutes of The Masked Singer last night. It is far, far worse than I expected, and I expected it to be gawd-awful.
  • I see Fox News was fair and balanced last night:
  • The University of North Texas Law School over in Dallas was finally "provisionally accredited" in 2017. In the last bar exam, its pass rate was 61.16%.  Baylor, at 92.71%, edged UT for the lead. 
  • Last year I mentioned an opinion piece in the New York Times where an author with street cred compared the West Texas fracking boom to the past mortgage crisis or dot com bust -- that is, it wasn't as it seemed.  Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a warning article as well. Trouble is coming.
  • Two security guards at XTC strip club in Dallas (which always seems to be in the news) have been charged with murder after gunning down a guy in the parking lot.  It was broadcast on Facebook Live.  WFAA has the video.
  • Good lord:
  • Seems like a good deal. 
  • Another phrase I'd like to see retired: "I'd run through a brick wall for that guy."
  • Trump made the mistake of getting in front of microphones yesterday. (Video -- which is worse that the printed text.)
  • And in addition to praising the Soviet Union for invading Afghanistan (??!!), what was up with that poster and empty binder?
  • Dark hypothetical: If BEVO would have killed someone during his crazy incident with the bulldog at the Sugar Bowl, would they have played the game? I bet they would have. 
  • By the way, PETA has weighed in on the BEVO/Uga incident. That organization is a master at getting free press. 
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