Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I think it is very weird that the outgoing DA in Dallas is taking the Amber Guyger/Botham Jean case to the grand jury. She won't be in charge of prosecuting it so why not just leave it to the next DA as to how to charge it? (And one very odd note was that the deceased's mother was called as a witness yesterday. Not only are grand jury "live" witnesses rare, the mother has absolutely nothing of a factual nature to provide.)
  • Between their Sheriff's Office and now this, Parker County is having a stellar month.  (She's an Instagram model under "max_mcintyre"  as well. You're on your own.)
  • GM is slashing jobs and shutting down plants. #SoMuchWinning
  •  The guy wants to create State TV. Seriously. He wants an American version of Pravda in order to spread propaganda.

  • Saw a girl come to district court in Decatur yesterday in high heels and then change into tennis shoes later while she was waiting for her case to be called. (Really not that unusual.) But a blister was apparently bothering her so she asked me and a buddy of mine if she could go before the judge in bare feet. We said tennis shoes = OK. Bare feet = Not OK.
  • I'm extremely pro-prosecution in this case:
  • This is so Fox News: 
  • Dear lawyer who lost a cashmere jacket in the courthouse yesterday: You left it draped over a chair in the DA's office. The best I can tell it's about a 40 Short. 
  • Texas DPS made a drug bust of weed and THC products which were coming from California -- a state where all of it is legal to possess. The current War on Drugs in America is at an all time Idiocracy level. (Texas will just burn it all. Why not sell it back to California?)

  • Red Christmas trees in the White House seems appropriate. It has a nice Russia and/or The Shining feel to it. 
  • Well it's that time of year, so the First Baptist Church of Dallas and pastor Robert Jeffress will put on a Christmas program again. In true spirit of the birth of Jesus, they'll charge money to see it. 
    Rembrandt's Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple
  • OU and Texas is impossible to predict. OU has given up 700 yards of offense three times this year. They won those three games.
  • Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith told a prepared joke about shooting wives in the head. (She'll win today in a landslide. It's Mississippi. Trump was there last night at a couple of rallies and said of her African-American opponent, "How does he fit in with Mississippi? I mean, how does he fit in?" )
  • Paul Manafort, post-conviction, could have shed years off his upcoming sentence by cooperating with Mueller. Instead, Mueller filed pleadings yesterday saying that instead of cooperating all he did was lie to him and it's time to sentence him. (Manafort is proof positive that very dumb people can become very rich in America.)
  • He's scared again this morning. Really scared. Is something coming?
  • Dear new lawyers (and old lawyers): Never, ever throw in "Esquire" behind your name.